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08/18/2016 --- I have two MAJOR things to talk about today, one of which will require YOU to step into my shoes and make some of those neurons in your brain function. If this is too much to ask then by all means leave now and return when the coffee hits. I am going to reveal to the world a NEW MUSIC BUSINESS MODEL that I’ve thought up that ANY independent musician can put to use today! I am also going to toot my own horn – with pictures as proof!

Ok, for months, years actually, I have been working on a pretty large Art/Music project (and an even bigger project behind that one) and I am done with the Art. I initially released this as a Crowdfunding project, but made the mistake of releasing it without first having a crowd. Everyone is allowed a “Duh” moment, yes? That was mine. Realizing my error I quickly pulled the project and decided that this was actually an opportunity to slow down and tighten up the art. So this is what I’m working on…

The Paranormal Strangeness Project

  • Debut CD in a 6 panel digipak with 13 songs
  • Paranormal Playing cards, 56 custom cards by Bicycle
  • 30 page PDF booklet
  • 3 large movie-poster sized posters 27 X 40 inches
  • 2 Custom Paranormal Strangeness ASG guitars
  • 1 large 24 X 24 inch poster of the cover
  • 1 Plague of Smiles T-shirt, stickers, postcards, and custom guitar picks
  • Instant downloads, and download cards, and download stickers

teaser art

I do not have an army of artists and graphic designers at my disposal. Everything above has been created by little ole me (with the exception of The Walking Dead guitar at lower left). I dreamt up this idea because I cannot tour. I am mostly crippled from a medical disorder I acquired in the Marine Corps when I was exposed to some toxic stuff. Acromegaly is the official name. You can give a Google if you’re interested. Anyway, I cannot perform live or tour because of this. Put yourself in my shoes and think about what it’s like to be a disabled musician. Touring and performing are where musicians gain fans and make a living. How are you going to get exposure? How are you going to get your foot in the door? No one gives two shits about mainstream artists much less ones that are crippled and unable to perform live. What do you do?!

You study the photo below.

dropcard art

Imagine this, you’re down at the mall with your friends and one of your friends pulls out one of these download cards. He tells you all about the band, explains why you’ve never heard of them, and says you can download the CD online for $13.00 but that you’ll save three dollars by buying the dropcard from him, says it’s his last card. He assures you that the music is unbelievable so you slide him a ten spot. Like an ancient tally stick, he breaks off the tab (which prevents thieves from selling dead cards) in front of you and hands over the card. You ask your friend where he got the card and he tells you that he bought the signed CD digipak off the website and it arrived with three $10 dropcards. After some quick math you realize that by buying your friends last card… he has just come out ahead financially! He has more money than what he started with. Later, while downloading your music, you notice that you can buy the dropcards yourself… in bulk amounts. Imagine that.

And THAT is something that’s never been done before in music, at least as far as I know. Sure people have used dropcards but usually as freebies to download new songs not as items that put money into people's pockets. Instead of throwing dollar bills at suits and groveling at their feet I have instead turned the tables and turned the entire music business upside down. The suits, the businessmen, the record labels, have been acting for decades as living, breathing parasites. They make the big bucks while artists and fans get table scraps. No more.

Now the artists will get paid according to how much quality and rewards they can pack into their product. If an artist releases a weak product with lots of filler (as a lot of mainstream artists do) then that artist will suffer where it counts, the wallet. And if the artist makes a great product then they can finally make more than table scraps. Fans can do whatever they want to with the cards. They can give them away as gift cards or they can sell them and the money is theirs. There is a phrase that Kanye West invented that is ironically applicable… “needs to respect artistry!”

Indeed. Indeed!

If YOU know a musician who can use the above (that’s most musicians) then send them a link to this page. If you are press or an art or music blogger then I am an intelligent unknown artist/musician with a big mouth and the story so contact me. I live in the Waco/Temple area of Texas, known for its big dreams and even bigger hearts.

Look out for your fellow musicians. It’s hard out there. And if you came to this page for this very reason then support me on youtube and twitter. It only takes a few seconds to subscribe and follow. I’m mostly crippled so I’m relying upon you to give a shit - right here and now! Stay in touch and I’ll let you know when this thing is going to launch. All the art is done. I am now recording the music. It will not launch until both phases are done. Current plans are to launch in 2017 in a fresh tax season. When it launches I want to put a lot of money into a lot of hands, not just my own. Thank you, much love and beauty!


Kenneth David Bryon Webber is an opinionated artist, designer, 3D modeler, animator, musician, and CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC, an art and music company. He worked on avionics for the FA-18 Hornet while in the Marine Corps then left with an Honorable Discharge to pursue a career in the arts. He attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, but only for a short time as a growing brain tumor brought a touch of madness and homelessness. The tumor was discovered late but thanks to the VA, brain surgery, and gamma knife a real life is still salvageable. 2015 brought a heart attack and the installation of a pacemaker/defibrillator. So it's safe to say that Ken has felt many thorns in his pursuit of the roses. Stay smiling!



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