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---> 240 <---








---> 200 is my goal <---
My doctor will authorize
hip replacements when
I reach this weight.

The journey will not be easy because I have acromegaly, a form of gigantism, resulting from exposure to toxic substances in the Marine Corps. The brain tumor has been surgically removed and treated with gamma radiation; which can take anywhere from five to ten years to take full effect. Until then I am still flooded with high levels of growth hormone and IGF-1. It's not going to be impossible but it IS going to be a serious challenge.

Thanks for visiting my Diary, Awesome!

I am Ken D. Webber; Artist/3D Designer/Musician and the primary creative producer in Plague of Smiles LLC; an Art/Music Company. All my successes, all my failures, the links and cool stuff I discover, the contacts I make are all out in the open so you can gain from my efforts, save time, and avoid wasted moves.

MY PLAN STARTED IN 2017: Record music for the next three years with the goal of creating one song every so often. Then switch gears and paint for one year, creating one 6" X 6" oil painting on wood panel, every day if possible. I'll document my progress here. Since this is a diary, the best way to read it, if you haven't been keeping up, is to go to the bottom of the page and scroll up. I am an Honorably Discharged Marine, former S.C.A.D. student, and partially crippled Acromegaly survivor. I tell it like it is so be aware that I do tend to drop some pretty frank language.

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6/14/2018 --- The 2nd drumstick prototype arrived in the mail and now I know definitively the company I'm going to be going with in my upcoming Kickstarter campaign. You can find the Custom Stix link on my Kickstarter page (above left). They have the quality, the colors that pop, the speed, and the price! I awoke last night about eight in the evening, drank half a pot of Death Wish Coffee and pumped out some rendered images for twitter and proceeded to rewrite - for the third time - the PDF document that goes along with the Paranormal Strangeness CD. Now I'm loving it. It's done!

6/10/2018 --- Posted another entry on my Kickstarter page (above left). The page and plans are shaping up nicely.

6/9/2018 --- Anyone who knows me and my history knows that I am fiercely pro-life and anti-suicide. If you ever discover my corpse and there's a question you can already answer it right now. Ken D. Webber did NOT commit suicide, you have found a murder!

But Anthony Bourdain - suicide - you left behind an 11 year old daughter and people all over the world that loved you. There is no greater crime in the spirit world than the cowardly act of suicide. It is a final middle finger salute to every person and spirit around you that loved you and a knife of betrayal in their heart. I am not the person that is going to "sugar-coat" things by throwing out a shallow and empty "R.I.P." for there is no peace that you deserve or will receive. I do not reward acts of cowardice, selfishness, and blatant evil with kindness, and neither does the spirit world!

6/8/2018 --- I am in that limbo period where I'm leaving art/business to focus on music. It is not an easy shift of mental gears. I sometimes end up binge watching DVD's. I actually could do that now as I have season 2 of Preacher and season 4 of House of Cards sitting on my desk but I'm not interested enough to take my procrastination that far.

6/2/2018 --- Drove my sister Mary through Dallas to the Allen/Plano area with minimal road rage. Listen fucktards... if the speed limit on a five lane highway is 75 and you're doing 45-50 with no cars in front of you then YOU are looking to get yourself and someone else killed! Put the foot on the pedal and move your ass or let someone competent drive!!!

I made it safely there and back. There was a wreck just past Waco and traffic was down to 1mph. We were on an overpass with a lot of heavy 18 wheelers. The concrete overpass began to bounce up and down from too much weight and sympathetic vibrations! We thought it was going to collapse. I'm sure that in the future that overpass is going to collapse. It's only a matter of time. I reported the event to DOT. It's one of those things were it can handle trucks passing over it but not standing weight. In art I sent off an order for 1,000 glow in the dark custom guitar picks, a custom drumstick to measure its quality, and I created a round four inch sticker for the upcoming KICKSTARTER. When my order of latex masks comes in then I can complete the photos and video for the project. Stay safe my friends!

5/28/2018 --- My chi rose enough that I made it to the Ted Nugent show the other day at Tucker Hall, which is not a "hall" at all. It's more like an old cattle feed lot that's been graveled over with a "stage" that seems to be a converted loading dock. You bring your own chairs and sit in the gravel to watch the "show." They had carnival booths selling cotton candy, BBQ, giant corn dogs, etc. Ted played on a stripped down stage with a bass player and a drummer and minimal amps and lights. His music came across as flawless but there was no real performance or show and the crowd seemed to consist of farming families and old drunken yahoos who brought their own beer. I kept looking around wondering HOW did Ted get into this deal. Did he owe someone or was this a sort of charity event for a friend?! It was definitely NOT an event as seen on his latest DVD Ultralive Ballisticrock, which was what I was expecting. This marks the 3rd or 4th time I've seen Ted live. Still, seeing Ted at 70 up there on stage and blowing away today's bands was impressive. The man can rock!!!

My money mind kicked up during the concert and I looked around counting heads. I watched the merch booth and sales and noticed the "Tucker Hall" specific t-shirts and I'm pretty sure someone with big ideas was going to EAT THOSE SHIRTS! Horrible graphic design, bad colors, bad planning, and I was just boggled by what I tallied as a horrific financial loss. The night made no sense to me at all from a music-business perspective. ???!

5/22/2018 --- The fever broke last night. The bad mood has not dissipated. I am crankier than ever. Still, I managed to do two loads of laundry at the laundromat, wash the car, and pick up flea spray and beer at the store. Life's little miracles.

5/20/2018 --- And now payment is due. Arthritis has taken the stage and I am all knives and shattered glass.

5/19/2018 --- Made it safely back from the BIG D. Found two more nightclubs in Deep Ellum with live bands. Kimbra and Son Lux SLAAAAYED!!! I was not a big fan of Son Lux before seeing them live. I learned a lot from seeing them live, as they are FANTASTIC live! If you just listen to their music you would tend to write them off as a cheap keyboard band. When you watch them live you see that it's not keyboards that play most of the parts. The lead singer plays most of the bass notes on the keyboards. It is the guitar player you've been hearing on the recordings who is creating most of the parts you thought were keyboards. Very complex and unique use of scales and a real drummer. Now I'm going to have to take a second listen to all their music knowing how those frequencies work out live.

Kimbra played all of her hits and hit some unbelievable notes with total accuracy. The show was completely sold out and they kept packing people in there at Trees. At the merch table they ran out of 2XX large so I bought shirts instead for my niece Haley and my friend Savanna and a copy of Primal Heart. The music on the CD gets into your head and you just want to play it over and over and over again it's so good.

Going to these shows is great and I learn soooooo much as a musician but they do take a lot out of me. With both hips grinding bone on bone I took a big backseat today and spent most of the day dealing with pain. At 250 I'm hitting a plateau so I'm switching to a mostly vegetarian diet and using a food diary. I have to get under and stay under 230 before my BMI is low enough for the doctor to approve my double hip replacement surgery. My doctor tells me he wants me to get down to 200. So 50 more is the goal.

5/17/2018 --- With most of the hard work done it is time to play. Road trip today to the BIG D. Dallas, Texas to see Son Lux and Kimbra perform at the Trees nightclub in Deep Ellum. Sold OUT Show!!!

5/15/2018 --- Working today in Google Drive spreadsheets to figure out profit margins on a Kickstarter project. Looks like the AVERAGE Kickstarter project for a musician releasing a CD is Zilch! There is really NO PROFIT AT ALL until you get up around the $195,000.00 gross profit range (that is "fat fucking chance" territory ladies and gentlemen). That is because unless you are producing items in say, lots of 1,000 then you are getting screwed by the manufacturers, the USPS, and then the taxman. After Kickstarter fees, production costs, shipping costs, and taxes, $195,000.00 = around $32,000.00 in profit. So if you were in a band with a total of 4 musicians your Kickstarter project would net about $8k per individual for a year's worth of work. That is a whole lot of ZILCH baby! Therefore the only real reasons to run a Kickstarter would be to spread awareness and for the fun of it. In crowdfunding YOU can be a total success on the outside. On the inside, the reality IS... you're scrapping the bottom of the barrel! Having said that, my definition of success isn't measured in $$$, I do need to spread awareness of the Plague, and yes... it'll be a lot of fun!

5/14/2018 --- There are people on one side of the coin who have trouble doing things. They don't know HOW things work. They don't know their tools. They will do ANYTHING, including adding dangerous addictions, excessive alcoholism, and drugs, to their life to keep from fulfilling their life dream. Their plans are weak. And on the opposite side of the coin you find the RARE few people like me who cannot stop working or slow down. That also can be a curse of sorts.

5/11/2018 --- I have a sister who is in danger of a heart attack and keeps downplaying it. I have another sister who is close to death but I can't say much about it. A lot of my art incorporates symbols of death/rebirth/immortality. I try to keep rolling because in my heart I have the belief that we all live forever as ghosts/spirits or we reincarnate. I got an idea today for a KICKass T-shirt for my upcoming Kickstarter Project and sketched it out on my upcoming doctor's schedule.

5/9/2018 --- Flipping my flop. Because I no longer have a pituitary gland my sleep many times gets out of whack. it's regulated manually now with hydrocortisone pills. Sometimes my days are a series of naps. Sometimes my nights are my days. Sometimes I just keep going, and going, and going. Throw coffee into the mix and there are so many outcomes that can happen. I was on nights last night. Stayed up all night working on my Kickstarter. It's 1:35 p.m. and I am definitely burning out. Trying to stay awake though so my sister can use my printer after she gets off work. That cements my position on days for awhile and I can then manuever into position so by next week I will have flipped my flop again to enjoy the night life. Meanwhile, my rendering computer is working on a secondary animated intro for the upcoming Kickstarter project.

5/8/2018 --- I started a new page here in the diary. I am in day six of rendering... still not done. For those who do not know, rendering animation can take a loooooong time. I am working on the first of three or four clips. Each clip is about 12 seconds of animation at 30 frames per second, so that = 360 frames that have to render to create the 12 second clip. The more reflections and detail you have in your animation the longer it takes to render.

The clips I am creating are in preparation for the launch of an upcoming KICKSTARTER campaign. Anyone wishing to stay in the loop for the project can do that by following me on Twitter.

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Kenneth David Bryon Webber is an opinionated artist, designer, 3D modeler, animator, musician, and CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC, an art and music company. He worked on avionics for the FA-18 Hornet while in the Marine Corps then left with an Honorable Discharge to pursue a career in the arts. He attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, but only for a short time as a growing brain tumor brought a touch of madness and homelessness. The tumor was discovered late but thanks to the VA, brain surgery, and gamma knife a real life is still salvageable. 2015 brought a heart attack and the installation of a pacemaker/defibrillator. So it's safe to say that Ken has felt many thorns in his pursuit of the roses. Stay smiling!


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