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Ken worked with Neck Illusions and guitarist Jennifer Batten to create her signature line of Neck Illusions.

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This is the online diary of musician and graphic artist Ken D. Webber who is CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC. I am currently in the recording studio producing music for The Room for 333 Squares Art/Music Project = 111 songs and 333 oil paintings. It is a five year project in which every aspect of the business forces me to grow as an artist, a musician, and a businessman. These are the clues I document for your benefit.

02/13/2020 --- I have a guitar that is pure MAGICK! Best guitar I've ever played and it's forced me to switch from Jackson to Schecter. I like to buy from Sweetwater but Schecter is known for offering exclusive guitars to various dealers. You can get the guitar mentioned above at Sweetwater only. And with this guitar in Electric Magenta, I could only get it at Musician's Friend. So it pays to shop around different online stores. Schecter debuted the SVSS PT FR S sku #1272 in Seafoam Green model at NAMM 2020 (the S at the end means it has a sustainiac pickup). Sweetwater didn't have it in stock. I shot them an email and they said they weren't going to stock it but they put it on special order for me. Also this month I blew up my Blue. Blue as in a particular microphone brand, that died along with my MIDI interface when I plugged it in and a switch was in the wrong position, FEEDBACK LOOP, and now nothing but static. This opportunity has allowed me to upgrade to a Rode mic and dumping my EIE Pro for the Focusrite Clarett 2Pre. You should never overdue it with credit but sometimes it is a good thing to instantly order what your studio needs - when you need it!

01/27/2020 --- Two more hat prototypes arrived with my TRUTH branding. The red hat on the left has the logo moved from behind the guitar so that it could be embroidered in 3D puff. The embroidery on the blue hat on the right is all flat. Not sure which design I want to roll with.

two hats

01/07/2020 --- My two hat prototypes have arrived, a black and blue MAAT snapback flat bill hat and a pink Erin Michelle Black (She's a photographer that works with Plague) Dad hat. MAAT is an Egyptian word that means "truth and justice" and is the name of my brand of pyramidal stacking amplifiers. It has smaller pyramids on the sides and "Ken D. Webber" branding on the back. Erin's hat has hearts with E on one side and B on the other and is branded in the back with a Gemini symbol and the word "Beauty." Also, the front of her hat uses 3D puff on the white letters in her name. Both of these were created by Printful but unfortunately I won't be going with them because their high prices are adverse to profit. (Their quality is top notch FYI) The plan is to buy these same hats (in various colors) as blanks in bulk from a competitive company, maybe in a run of 100, and then take them to a local shop here in Waco or Temple to handle the embroidery. That ensures that I have a real profit and I build a strong relationship of support with my local businesses.

two hats

01/06/2020 --- I finished working on a tshirt design for Mark at Neck Illusions. All of my work to date has been 100% pro bono for them because I am a partially crippled Marine who is fully compensated by the VA. While in service I was poisoned in the Camp Lejeune water contamination scandal and developed a brain tumor that has affected my whole body (acromegaly, cardiomegaly, diabetes, advanced arthritis, chronic pain, etc.). So I made a personal decision a long time ago that since the VA has helped me so much, then I would help others when the opportunity and the passion arises. Not to say that I don't work for profit, because I will and I do, but when I bump into a company that is artistic-minded and I have the ability to push that company to a higher level while both of us are on the same page then that to me is a whole lot of fun. Make's me feel great inside.

Mark sent me a simple request for a tshirt design around Christmas. I was over at my brother Mike's for the holidays and I asked him what pops into his mind when I say the words "Neck Illusions." He immediately mentioned those Balinese ladies who stretch their necks with golden bands. BINGO! As soon as he spoke that idea out loud it pinged in my brain with a full image and I attacked the job until it was finished.

What we have here is something for a 12" X 16" size shirt design. I love how it came out! It was set up in Cararra and then each element photoshopped to perfection. I went through many, many renders to get everything just right such as the way the "NECK" portion looks like the bone/ivory/soapstone material that many Chinese carvings are done in. The woman's face reminds me of Katy Perry. And as for her reflective foil blouse I've always wanted to put a condom on for Katy. This is probably the closest I will get to that in this life! The guitar is my very own TRUTH model guitar. Shirts and posters will soon be available from the Neck Illusions website in the very near future so check back with them. Enjoy!

Neck Illusions tshirt

12/07/2019 --- Jennifer rocking the "gears" I created for her guitar neck.

12/07/2019 --- Behind the scenes I have just completed all the merchandise for The Room for 333 Squares Art / Music Project. One of the products was a hat with an embroidered MAAT logo with our new trademark as seen below. Much of the action on this site is dead because I've been practicing for an upcoming recording session. 2020 and 2021 are intended to be all about that so you won't hear from me for awhile. 2022 is a painting year. 2023, while the paintings dry (they have to dry for about six months time) I'll be marketing. Somewhere between now and then I will move my website to Bluehost; which has IMHO better service.


The MAAT Trademark Logo


07/08/2019 --- I gutted a song I wrote called Drone Strike Dead because I no longer use ANY 3rd party samples, with the exception of government recordings (they cannot be copyrighted). I was then dabbling in G Dorian on two different songs and one of them sounded like a pretty good ending so I merged it together and now I have a new song called "Pew, Pew, Pew!" The song will open my second CD entitled "Vampire Awaken - The Bleeding Cut."

What is a pew? It's a bench you sit upon in church. What is pew, pew, pew? That is the phonetic spelling of the sound an AR-15 would make while killing large numbers of innocent people. And if you have a lot of "pew, pew, pew" going off in a church then that puts blood in the air and what better way to awaken a Vampire?! Yes, of course. Absolutely. And to tell you the truth, that is the first title that popped into my head because of a part in the music where it sounds like jets are roaring overhead and some socialist leftist racist asswipe is killing people here in 'Merica and going, "Pew, Pew, Pew" as the bullets fly.

Tomorrow I shall give the song a final mixdown and that's it for 52. I only wrote one song this entire year - while waiting on gear to arrive and doing graphic design for clients. I'll turn 53 on the tenth. Here is the finished cover of the CD. I did the photography, the 3D modeling, and the graphic design. If you live in Savannah, GA then you'll recognize the building. It's a Freemason lodge down on River Street. Appropriate yes?! Art copyright 2019 by Ken D. Webber; All Rights Reserved.

copyright 2019 by Ken D. Webber; cover of 2nd CD

07/05/2019 --- I created a list this year of EVERYTHING I thought I needed in my music studio. This week the final piece (a Shure SM57 mic and mic stand) will arrive. Picking up where I left off about a year ago, I have been composing a new song in G Dorian. I have a birthday coming up and I am awaiting my DNA test results through My Heritage. They may throw a monkey wrench into my family. I may make a video on it but lately I've been thinking Youtube is a complete waste of my time. That is all.

06/08/2019 --- Since my last post I've healed up a bit and I've been assembling my pedalboard: A Kerosene power supply from Outlaw Effects, Snark pedal tuner, Blackstar Metal Distortion, JS Time Machine Digital Delay, Boss Super Chorus, Drybell Vibe Machine V2 with an expression pedal, and the Yamaha amp selector. I've got the pedalboard up on my desk and the expression pedal on the floor. This clears the clutter in my studio and allows me to adjust all the knobs. New strings are going on my guitars and I am now building calluses and practicing daily. About the time of my last post I ordered new studio monitors (KRK Rockit 5's in white and yellow) that have been put on backorder. Until they come in I'm practicing and binge watching movies. When they arrive then I'll be ready to move into higher gear and jump back into recording new songs.

04/13/2019 --- In a holding pattern after a small accident. For the past couple of years I've been walking with the aide of two strong metal canes. Hips and knees are bone on bone from crippling arthritis. Earlier in the week we got a lot of rain and I face planted on the back porch. I had a huge plate of cat food in my right hand and both canes in my left hand and just as I leaned over to place the food down the rubber cane tips slid out from under me on the wet porch and I took it on my left knee and hand; sending the bowl of cat water that was under me into my face. Total comedy! However, the next day I felt a stress fracture in my right hip and the bones in my left hand are badly bruised. This is typical of the stuff the universe throws at me while awaiting another piece of sound. I bought a Snark tuner pedal through Musician's Friend and ordered a Joe Satriani Time Machine digital delay from a guy in Japan. And it'll be another 2 weeks + until next month before I can pick up a Blackstar Metal distortion pedal. A tuner, a digital delay, and a distortion pedal. I'm not big on effects. A Boss Chorus pedal possibly and that's about it for me and pedals. (Watch me turn into Steve Martin's character from The Jerk!) I like the sound to come from my outstanding amp and my fingers. The pedals are powered by a tiny Kerosene pedal power from Outlaw Effects. Final word, I'd like to say that no cat food was lost in my fall, although I did scare the shit out of the furry little meow machines.

03/13/2019 --- Sooooo glad I spent the extra $$$ and bought the dual Yamaha THRC212 cabinet instead of the single speaker version! I plugged everything in, dialed in my initial settings on the Yamaha THR100HD amphead, and gave it a go. Could take a few days and the critical ears of my brother Mike to get my sound fully dialed in. The initial test was a solid FIVE STARS out of five! I have my first channel set for clean jazz and the second for heavy searing lead with no effects and I'm using the included footswitch to go back and forth. I prefer no effects on my sound. Everything you hear from me with effects is done later in post production in Ableton Live. That, of course, will be my second test. The "just out of the box" sounds so good right now that I won't even have to get into testing or tweaking the digital profiles at all.

I am a confessed studio cat. There's no future I can see where I'm playing live. I believe that this amphead and cabinet combo is PERFECT for studio cats! The amphead allows you to dial the ohms down so you can get that big distorted sound, only at lower studio volumes. All you studio cats know that your ears are money and you have to protect them at all costs. And for playing live, you're going to have to have more power and switch to something like a Marshall JVM410H in my humble opinion.

03/08/2019 --- Back safely in Marlin after the John 5 concert in Dallas. Opening act Jared James Nichols thrilled and soared but it was the opening act before him, Dead Girl's Academy that lit the crowd up. I played their new CD Alchemy nonstop on the drive home. The entire band seems to be hand selected from the Zoolander modeling agency and the lead singer, Michael Orlando, of Vampires Everywhere, has bonafide "STAR" quality! Me and my sister Mary showed up early to the show for the meet and greet and I got a hug from John 5 and had the opportunity to drop some of my masks (seen at left) on him and a box of custom Neck Illusions created for him and The Creatures. I'm hoping he opened the box?!?! John played several of his new songs, Zoinks!, and Crank It especially and the crowd was freaking fired up! I watched the entire show from upstairs in the crow's nest with my brother Mike, sister, and cousin David. It was definitely worth it to watch the show from up above! Thank you John for some spectacular memories!

02/28/2019 --- I tried sleeping it away. My body is in revolt. Hips, knees, back, shoulders, and some intense carpal tunnel in my right hand. The arthritis is so intense I'm having trouble thinking and concentrating.

02/26/2019 --- RANT ALERT! I reached a period of boredom last night and decided on a whim to watch a youtube video on Buddhism narrated by Richard Gere (The Mothman Prophecies). The following rant is my thoughts on the video and Buddhism in general.

Buddha was raised by a wealthy King and his father expected him to reign after him. Instead, Buddha threw his father's offer into the trash and set out to become an "enlightened" homeless man because we all know how wise the homeless frequently are. Riiiiiiiiight. Yes, you can add sarcasm alert to rant alert. But wait! There's more!

This is my first exposure to Buddhism. Enlightening?! I find it to be imbalanced delusional horseshit that has the potential, if implemented by the masses, to be hugely destructive to humanity and wasteful of a soul's time. The Buddha gives a point of view completely lacking in a King's knowledge and appears to be its exact opposite. Buddha mentions "The Three Poisons."

Buddha says "greed" is bad. A King would say "greed" is merely a force and as such can be both good and bad. In fact, a King would know that if a large majority of people were to take up this "greed is bad" belief they'd become socialists and the result would be the death of millions.

Buddha says "anger" is bad but the King knows that anger is merely a motivating force and as such, has good and bad uses. Without anger there are many problems that would never be solved and apathy would reign supreme.

Buddha says "ignorance" is bad but ignorance is a state of mind and as such a King would say that can be good or bad. The King asserts that wisdom is preferable but sometimes ignorance is a gift. The King knows his Jester is sad.

His Jester was a great and happy musician until the Buddha taught the Jester that ignorance was bad so the Jester sought teachers who taught him music theory. The Jester's love of music was in the mystery of creating songs. But after he was taught music theory his ignorance was taken away and with it the thrill of mystery. Now the Jester is sad and filled with regret. Replacing mystery with strict laws and methods is a huge fun and excitement killer.

The King also knows that if a large majority of his people are sitting around under trees for years on end waiting for enlightenment they clog society in their counter productive useless waste of time. Fill up a society with useless beggars they become a burden and your society becomes weaker by degrees. The path of the Buddha is only one half of a coin. There is no coin that is 100% one sided.

This is my common sense opinion. You can love it. You can hate it. Freedom of speech. My heart goes out to Buddha's father. He must have been severely disappointed in raising such a useless son. And having said that, crumple, crumple, crumple goes Buddhism into the trashcan!

02/25/2019 --- Finished the WitCh project with my friend PAle JoRDge DecAy. WitCh is his band and he wanted me to work up the cover art. Click below to see an enlargement. This is the final version we came up with. JoRDge is in the recording studio now putting songs together for the release. Once I got the ideas down I waited for cloudy weather and began traveling around Marlin shooting principal photography. I put it all together in GIMP and voila!

WitCh Cover Art

02/21/2019 --- I'm "caught in the inbetween" stuck in the move from heavy graphic design to heavy music composition. I'm almost out of things to procrastinate with and pain levels are quite high. My left shoulder is quickly deteriorating and going bone on bone as my hips and knees already have. Bored out of my mind, I'm stuck watching all the news about assclown Jussie Smollett on youtube. John A. Keel's "The Mothman Prophecies" arrived in the mail and I may put on some Miles Davis and spend the entire night reading.

02/13/2019 --- I slept about half a day. Finalized the fourth and final John 5 design. I used imagery from old horror movie classics whose copyrights had expired; movies in the public domain. The list of movies includes The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, The Last Man on Earth, Carnival of Souls, Night of the Living Dead, White Zombie, The Phantom of the Opera, The Brain that would not Die, and Little Shop of Horrors. Click on the design to see an enlargement.

A John 5 Neck Illusion decal

02/11/2019 --- The Death Wish coffee has been amazing but today I finalized the 2nd and 3rd John 5 designs and beer was in order. Celebrate my success. Click below to see enlargements.

A John 5 Neck Illusion decal

A John 5 Neck Illusion decal

02/06/2019 --- Before jumping back into recording, I had time to knock this out of the ballpark. A custom Neck Illusion for John 5 that I created as a surprise. I'll spring it on him when I meet him in Dallas at the meet and greet before the show. Click below to see the thing in detail.

A John 5 Neck Illusion decal

02/05/2019 --- I wrapped up the WitCh project in January and then bounced my sleep cycle out of whack. Since brain surgery, I have no pituitary gland and so I take hydrocortisone to regulate my sleep/awake cycle. Sometimes it's tricky. WitCh is a punk/metal band founded by one of my best friends, PAle JoRDge DecAy, whom I met in San Diego way back when W was POTUS. Damn. Time flies!

02/01/2019 --- VERY EXCITING news... The mask I created with Scott Blake of Yordreem Creations called The Red Death Cornuti Mask (see mask in the column at left) is featured in the second half of John 5's new video called "Crank It."

01/02/2019 --- The new year is off to a good start. I paid off my car and invested in a new amp head for the studio, a Yamaha THR100HD. If it's good enough for Warren Huart (producer for Ace Frehley on Spaceman) then it's good enough for me! A new song has been roughed out in Ableton Live.

12/23/2018 --- Merry Christmas to anyone and everyone. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I've set Ableton Live up for the new year. After two years of time I decided enough was enough and cut the strings on my bass guitar and replaced them with new neon green strings from DR. I can go through a pack of guitar strings in about two weeks time. Bass strings will last me months. I've been listening to a lot of Miles Davis this month. The funky stuff from the early seventies, Dark Magus and Agharta in particular. It's inspiring me to create a song without beats, no drums at all! I'm out of cash to the point where I can't even buy new electrical tape to tape off the particular scale I'm creating in on the keyboards so I'm stuck for this new song in A Phrygian.


11/29/2018 --- The Phoenix MUST burn. Artists reach a point where in order to move forward they must essentially 'burn down the house and run naked through the streets.' This is not a final diary entry. This is notice that I have taken up the torch to destroy and lay waste to my online presence so that a new foundation can be built upon its ashes. I have already burned my Twitter account and intend to burn down my Bandcamp page.

Facebook will remain because it is widely used by my family and friends to stay in touch. I own and control two websites, www.kendwebber.com and www.plagueofsmiles.com and they will remain up as placeholders for the future. I will update the percentages as the work is completed so you have some idea where the project stands.


Ken D. Webber CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC


artist and musician Ken D. Webber


Kenneth David Bryon Webber is an opinionated artist, designer, 3D modeler, animator, musician, and CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC, an art and music company. He worked on avionics for the FA-18 Hornet while in the Marine Corps then left with an Honorable Discharge to pursue a career in the arts. He attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, but only for a short time as a growing brain tumor brought a touch of madness and homelessness. Ken was another victim of the Cherry Point/Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Scandal that affected hundreds of thousands of Marines and civilians who were stationed at those Marine bases.

The tumor was discovered late but thanks to the VA, brain surgery, and gamma knife a real life is still salvageable. 2015 brought a heart attack and the installation of a pacemaker/defibrillator. His latest challenge is to drop a great deal of weight and keep it off. When that occurs then the VA will approve double hip replacement surgery. Ken lives with chronic pain and several of his joints are 100% 'bone on bone' due to the destructive nature of acromegaly.


Ken is the creator of the Kabbalah Tree of Life inspired TRUTH line of Signature Guitars and MAAT Pyramidal Stacking Amps as seen above. He left Global Rail Systems, Inc. a former division of Vossloh in 2013 where he worked as their head of graphic design/advertising in order to focus on music and recording with Ableton Live, the BEST DAW on the planet! Today he lives in the secluded small town of Marlin, Texas where he owns his own art and music recording studio. His last formal client was working pro bono with Neck Illusions and guitarist Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck, Marc Scherer) to create her signature line of Neck Illusions.

In 2018 he worked with Master mask-maker Scott Blake of Yordreem Creations. While attending a John 5 concert at Trees Nightclub in Dallas, TX Ken picked up one of John's masks and noted Scott's name on the label. In an email, he asked Scott if he could create a newer version of his Red Death paper mache mask if the original gamma radiation mask was sent as a guide. Scott said YES and a small limited run of masks was produced based upon Edgar Allan Poe's horror story The Masque of the Red Death.

Until I'm ready to show off The Room for 333 Squares Art/Music Project I suggest you pay attention to Carol Marine and fellow SCAD artist David Boyd Jr. They are BRILLIANT!


This website and all it's art, music, video, and design copyright © 2000-2018 by Artist and Musician Ken D. Webber; All Rights Reserved. TRUTH ™ Line of Signature Guitars and MAAT ™ Pyramidal Stacking Amps created by Ken D. Webber copyright © 2000-2018; All Rights Reserved. Plague of Smiles ™ is an Art/Music Company
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