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Ken worked with Neck Illusions and guitarist Jennifer Batten to create her signature line of Neck Illusions.

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The Red Death Cornuti mask

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STEP ONE: Create a large body of amazing songs (111 to be exact)
This step is 15% complete

STEP TWO: Create 333 small oil paintings on properly gessoed wood panels
This step is 13% complete

STEP THREE: Create all the graphic design for Print and Internet, including merch
This step is 95% complete

STEP FOUR: Reinvent my company and get it legally 'bulletproof' for LICENSING
This step is 1% complete

STEP FIVE: Work with leaders in the field of Augmented Reality to bring added VALUE to their headsets/viewers, programs, apps, etc.
This step is 2% complete

This is The Room for 333 Squares Art / Music Project by Ken D. Webber


11/29/2018 --- The Phoenix MUST burn. Artists reach a point where in order to move forward they must essentially 'burn down the house and run naked through the streets.' This is not a final diary entry. This is notice that I have taken up the torch to destroy and lay waste to my online presence so that a new foundation can be built upon its ashes.

I have already burned my Twitter account and intend to burn down my Bandcamp page.

Facebook will remain because it is widely used by my family and friends to stay in touch. I own and control two websites, www.kendwebber.com and www.plagueofsmiles.com and they will remain up as placeholders for the future. I will update the percentages as the work is completed so you have some idea where the project stands.


Ken D. Webber CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC


artist and musician Ken D. Webber

12/23/2018 --- Merry Christmas to anyone and everyone. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I've set Ableton Live up for the new year. After two years of time I decided enough was enough and cut the strings on my bass guitar and replaced them with new neon green strings from DR. I can go through a pack of guitar strings in about two weeks time. Bass strings will last me months. I've been listening to a lot of Miles Davis this month. The funky stuff from the early seventies, Dark Magus and Agharta in particular. It's inspiring me to create a song without beats, no drums at all! I'm out of cash to the point where I can't even buy new electrical tape to tape off the particular scale I'm creating in on the keyboards so I'm stuck for this new song in A Phrygian.

1/02/2019 --- The new year is off to a good start. I paid off my car and invested in a new amp head for the studio, a Yamaha THR100HD. If it's good enough for Warren Huart (producer for Ace Frehley on Spaceman) then it's good enough for me! A new song has been roughed out in Ableton Live.


Kenneth David Bryon Webber is an opinionated artist, designer, 3D modeler, animator, musician, and CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC, an art and music company. He worked on avionics for the FA-18 Hornet while in the Marine Corps then left with an Honorable Discharge to pursue a career in the arts. He attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, but only for a short time as a growing brain tumor brought a touch of madness and homelessness. Ken was another victim of the Cherry Point/Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Scandal that affected hundreds of thousands of Marines and civilians who were stationed at those Marine bases.

The tumor was discovered late but thanks to the VA, brain surgery, and gamma knife a real life is still salvageable. 2015 brought a heart attack and the installation of a pacemaker/defibrillator. His latest challenge is to drop a great deal of weight and keep it off. When that occurs then the VA will approve double hip replacement surgery. Ken lives with chronic pain and several of his joints are 100% 'bone on bone' due to the destructive nature of acromegaly.


Ken is the creator of the Kabbalah Tree of Life inspired TRUTH line of Signature Guitars and MAAT Pyramidal Stacking Amps as seen above. He left Global Rail Systems, Inc. a former division of Vossloh in 2013 where he worked as their head of graphic design/advertising in order to focus on music and recording with Ableton Live, the BEST DAW on the planet! Today he lives in the secluded small town of Marlin, Texas where he owns his own art and music recording studio. His last formal client was working pro bono with Neck Illusions and guitarist Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck, Marc Scherer) to create her signature line of Neck Illusions.

In 2018 he worked with Master mask-maker Scott Blake of Yordreem Creations. While attending a John 5 concert at Trees Nightclub in Dallas, TX Ken picked up one of John's masks and noted Scott's name on the label. In an email, he asked Scott if he could create a newer version of his Red Death paper mache mask if the original gamma radiation mask was sent as a guide. Scott said YES and a small limited run of masks was produced based upon Edgar Allan Poe's horror story The Masque of the Red Death.

Until I'm ready to show off The Room for 333 Squares Art/Music Project I suggest you pay attention to Carol Marine and fellow SCAD artist David Boyd Jr. They are BRILLIANT!


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