Diary Continued below...

1/31/2017 --- I am so glad to have been able to do this recording because opening the song is my 73 year old Mother Nina Helen Webber on harmonica! Harmonica is one of the few instruments that I can't play. With acromegaly I just don't have the tongue for it. But I had to have harmonica. I recorded this sort of Texas twang guitar, given that the song is about the recent UFO sighting in Stephenville, TX. Mom was glad to come over to my studio and she knocked it out of the park on about the second take. This is the fourth week of 2017 and this is my fourth song. Every song is created from scratch.

The government has lied their pants off along with their paid trolls in order to explain something that over 200 people witnessed first hand, including police officers. "Swamp gas." "Military aircraft." "Venus." Look... if you're going to be a dumbass and attempt to discredit something that 200+ people have seen then at least come up with something realistic. At the intro to the song, if you're listening carefully you can hear the arrival of the UFO. The middle of the song it passes slowly overhead, about three or four football fields big. Then it takes off into the heavens at the end. This is not the type of music I usually create but I like it and the memories of recording this thing are golden. Enjoy!

1/23/2017 --- On my Bandcamp Merch page I added a skull and candle print on brushed aluminum that came out looking so badass that I am now rendering a similar squarish image that will become the new cover of the unlimited version of Paranormal Strangeness. The Limited Edition version will have the "movie poster" version cover with the TRUTH guitar featured. It will be limited to only 300 signed copies whose songs will be chosen through a crowdfunding campaign this October. I am averaging 4 songs per month so there will be about 45 songs for people to go through and narrow down to the 13 best songs, making Paranormal Strangeness the best release it can be! And we'll also be putting our top supporters faces on the CD itself. Stay in the loop by following us on twitter or Patreon. Tonight I start a new beat. Look for a new song by the end of the month.

1/15/2017 --- I have written a new song called "I Chop and Chop but the Feelings Bleed Through" for The Bleeding Cut CD.

CHOP: An action taken with an ax or a cleaver. In musical terminology... CHOP: to cut up a portion of a song by cutting and pasting and/or warping. The music I make is called "Electronica" and one of the things that sets it apart from other genres is that the music is frequently not playable on any instrument. I may have started with a guitar line but after chopping it up, rearranging it, warping it, reversing it, adding dead stutter space, and subtly tweaking effects it is no longer a guitar that I am playing. It is Ableton Live itself that is my true instrument and my intent is to play with attitude and bloody feeling.

Take an ax and chop and chop and chop and yet your feelings about that life will remain long after it's given up the ghost. I chopped and chopped in Ableton Live but in the end what remains is an expression of my feelings that lingers in the music. To that end, the song is a perfect fit for The Bleeding Cut.

1/15/2017 --- Posted another composition on Bandcamp. There is one meaning of the song posted there but we all know some things have more than one meaning, yes? The song is called "Snowflakes." It's very appropriate for 2017. Say no more, say no more. Another thing of importance is that new merchandise has been posted to the MERCH tab on Bandcamp. I have added a small skull and candle metal print in a limited edition of 200 pieces; 100 black and white and 100 sepia toned.

1/11/2017 --- I have NEW MUSIC for you! This song began life with another title. It was originally going to be called “Stabbing through the Lies” because of one sample used throughout the background of the song.

Samples. Let’s pause and give thanks to artist Sandunes, because without her work this music would never exist. Red Bull and Ableton Live set her loose deep in the heart of India armed with a Zoom field recorder to document the unique sounds of India. And she kicked fucking ass! Recorded all the sounds in 24 bit, isolated them, and even worked up a few loops. All of which were perfect for dropping onto an empty drum pad and creating beats.

I listened to all the sounds and found a cave singing sample that I wanted to play around with. So I took this female voice and slowed it down two octaves, reversed it, looped it and it sounded like pure MURDER! I played it for a friend of mine and he immediately told me to stop playing it because it was the sound of demons. That’s when I knew I was on the right path! After a bit of tinkering, the song mutated and the title was no longer accurate. The malice and murder were still there, but now tempered - with hope.

“The Serpent with Long Memory," what is it? It is a quote from a book by Robert Greene, his book being “The 48 Laws of Power.” In said book, the person that you should strive to ALWAYS avoid angering is The Serpent with Long Memory. A serpent is the representation of WISDOM. A wise man who never forgets a wrong is someone who keeps past deeds in mind and will right those wrongs in time, even if it takes decades to achieve their murderous revenge. I myself, I am The Serpent with Long Memory. None have escaped my wraith and none shall. Listen carefully to the song and you will hear what sounds like repeated stabbings or… the sounds of shovels digging graves. Towards the end I bring it all together with some hip hop swing and the voice of complete psychosis bubbles forth for his long-sought revenge. Enjoy!

12/30/2016 --- You know 2016... you killed David Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, but I'm 50, going on 51, and I hope I live to see some success in my lifetime and enjoy many decades of it. Not quite the new year yet and I am releasing "Blood Moon Beach." This is the 2nd cut off of a CD called The Bleeding Cut. Share and enjoy!

12/19/2016 --- I just finished my latest piece of music. It is entitled: "13 Steps To Spiritual Psychosis."

Psychosis is a break from reality. It's like a hall of mirrors breaking into millions of shards of glass. When you break from spiritual reality, the love and the light, you become a tyrant. Climb that 13th step and you delusionally begin calling yourself a "god." The opposite of love is fear and on that 13th step your arrogance makes you a psychopathic "god" of fear. So this music is describing the sounds of pride and arrogance as the fallen crash and burn into psychosis. Now I'm not going to define all thirteen steps. Maybe it starts with greed or anger, there's some middle steps as the disorder progresses, maybe some pacts being made in certain secret societies of scumbags, and then that final step in becoming a complete and total ASSHOLE! Congratulations fucktard... now back to the start of the line. Idiot.


12/05/2016 --- New Song and the start of a new album. Wait... song? A better word might be "music." The Album is called The Bleeding Cut. The first track written for the CD is called Death By 1000 Tiny Cuts. It was inspired by recent political events. You can read more about this example of political sonic murder on Bandcamp.

11/22/2016 --- Over one month! That's how long it has taken to finally END this bronchitis/pneumonia thing. At this very moment I'm watching my typing because the martini is kicking in baby! I broke the pattern yesterday and opened Ableton Live and began work again on the new song. It's rough, very rough. And that is basically all the news I currently have with the exception of some paranormal news. First off, a question. How many paranormal "researchers" reveal when something is found to NOT be the paranormal? Well count me as one. Solved the moving mask on my speaker. Found out that it WAS vibrations. Noticed the desk rocking every time I used the mouse. All that mouse clicking resulted in vibrations moving the glass skull/mask atop my speaker so that over time, it rotated to the right. Tomorrow, back on schedule for music production.

10/27/2016 --- First there was the cough, that I believe was a small case of bronchitis. Then political crap. Then an Internet search for all things Ross Sullivan (the guy I believe is The Zodiac Killer). Then The Walking Dead season premiere ("Sweet Mother DICK!"). So many distractions have knocked me off course but all that is over. Tonight I broke the pattern and opened Ableton Live and recorded a simple beat. So I am back on for recording music! I have also been working on a paranormal journal. This week I put in an entry. For some time now, I have noticed that things move in my house. In particular, my Red Death cornuti paper mache mask. I had thought it was nothing but the vibrations created when I create songs. However, since 10/11/2016 I haven't been able to record dick because of this fucking cold/cough thing. No dust has been disturbed. It simply moves and it's starting to piss me off. No one's been here. I am pretty much a schizoid, a loner. Just me here in the studio the past two weeks. Anyway, I'm posting a pic. Anyone out there know why a mask would move? Why a spirit would move a mask? Besides that, I shall have a new song out shortly. I'm working on a 2nd Album called The Bleeding Cut. The songs will be posted here and on Bandcamp.

the mask that moves on its own

10/14/2016 --- VERY BAD NEWS to report today. ASG Guitars just announced that they are going out of business. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! So all the custom guitars posted below will only be made IF I can find a company that can do what ASG did with the same level of quality. If ANYONE out there reading this now knows of a guitar company that makes QUALITY guitars and can put your own artwork on a guitar for a good price then contact me immediately.

10/11/2016 --- I feel like hammered poop. Fluid is building up in my lungs. I may have bronchitis or pneumonia and I'm still coughing. If it gets any worse I'll go in to see the doctor. The skateboards I mentioned below came in from www.boardpusher.com and they are perfect in every detail. The quality is awesome, highly recommended! Since I didn't feel like working on beats tonight I pulled up my template and created a Bottletail model skateboard for Haley Jo Gomez and a regular deck. They won't be available for purchase until her EP is released but I can at least show them off. Click for enlargement. It's based on her bubblegum/rip-your-heart-out/lavalamp theme. Enjoy!


regular skateboard deck

10/07/2016 --- The latest piece of music is entitled "Psychic Bombshell Falls Into Place." It's not an easy thing to listen to, but nor should it be. The vision I had for it was of a psychic detective walking through a location and suddenly telling the team to stop. STOP!!! She had detected a bomb. Not just any bomb, but a time bomb that would soon explode - in the future/past of course, taking a children's nursery with it. Now she knows what she must do to save the children, if they can or should be saved. When I'm making this type of music, it's not a song that you could snap your fingers to or readily fall into its beat. It's more like a soundtrack for the movie in your mind. It is dark, full of strange noises that at first seem random, and loaded with danger (psychic danger) and malice. The goal of the listener is to pick up on the clues, and using their imagination, picture the story as it unfolds.

10/05/2016 --- The martini's are kicking in, soooooo good. For days I have been coughing and coughing and coughing. I went and bought hard liquor earlier in the day. Gin and vermouth and giant olives to kill whatever it is that thinks it can live in my throat. I have my goal, a song per week, and I do not intend for this to derail me! Last night I layed bass. Tonight I am editing and cutting out all the worthless things in my new song that annoy me. The spirit of Dean Martin is what I'm counting on. That is all.

10/01/2016 --- Later in the same day --- Sleep escapes me. With only a few hours sleep I awoke early this morning and released my CD (read the entry below this one). I try to live on my own schedule but that doesn't always work. I prefer to record music at night because there are few distractions. The CD upload took hours and hours, a lunch date stood me up, then my sister had me running around helping her with errands. A large iced-coffee and pizza for lunch will surely keep me up even more. I suppose sometime today I will eventually conk out.

Because I stay competitive, during the upload I began to check out my competition on Bandcamp. I love to hear new sounds and I check out all the cool merch other artists are doing. That's when I discovered a band selling skatedecks on their merch page. Long before acromegaly crippled me I used to skateboard and wasn't great at it, but I wasn't bad either. I could do a few tricks, including a handstand. Anyway, I had time to kill so I pulled up my search engine and quickly found a company that specializes in custom skatedecks. I downloaded their template for an 8 inch deck and voila, another cool thing that is going to be released next year when I formally launch the Kickstarter project for Paranormal Strangeness. We've got a lot of cool stuff coming, just continue to scroll down below and you'll see some of the things that were created for the project. The best way to stay in the loop on what we're doing is to follow us on twitter or Patreon and look for updates. Anyway... here's the custom skateboard deck whose design is sitting on my computer's hard drive.

skateboard picture

10/01/2016 --- PARANORMAL STRANGENESS is now active! The CD is up on Bandcamp and it is a work in progress. The plan is to create one song per week on average. One year from today I want to launch a Kickstarter project for the CD in which supporters can get their face on the digipak and they will decide which songs make the final cut and which songs get bumped to my 2nd CD release The Bleeding Cut. I'll post the songs as I finish them here. Stay in the loop by following us on Bandcamp and Twitter.


09/29/2016 --- This week's latest song is done. I call it, "The Ghosts of Fukushima: Whispers of Madness and Malice." It has elements of rock, heavy metal, hip-hop, and electronica. Most musicians, especially those who perform live, are purists. They create a song only from notes they can play on an instrument. Because it is my intention to never tour or perform live I can move past that old convention. My only rule is that the sounds I create fit the song. So in my music you will hear notes that have been stretched, warped, moved up or down in pitch, reversed, etc. Where the old crowd of musicians fear to tread, that is where I make my home. That is easily evident in this particular song. Enjoy, and feel free to share with your friends.

09/24/2016 --- The background of the song and how it came about (gotta love ghosts right? whispering dirty stories into your mind) is up on the bandcamp page for the song. This is a song of hidden malice. It is called "Another Suicide with 3 Bullets to the Head." Your comments and questions about the song are welcome. Feel free to share this with your friends. Let's hope no one is "suicided."

09/17/2016 --- As usual, there's a nice description of my latest song posted on Bandcamp, The Baltic Sea Anomaly. I'm averaging about a song per week. The arthritis is interferring some. I can't sit for too long and I definitely can't stand too long. Don't get me started! The only way is through!

09/15/2016 --- I left a really big description on my Bandcamp page. The new song is entitled, "What it feels like to have Death tap you on the Shoulder." Share it and spread the Plague! As you're listening, imagine what it feels like to be in the middle of life and then BAM! Just a little tap on the shoulder. Imagine. It was finished at exactly 3:33 in the a.m.

09/08/2016 --- When I know I'm done, I'm done! Finished another song. The title was not what I initially named it. The song's final name is "The Touch of Indrid Cold." If you click on the bandcamp page you can find it there with a very detailed written explanation of the background of the song and how I wrote the music. And if you just want to hear the song click the link below and give it a listen.

09/07/2016 --- Worked on two songs tonight. I prefer to work on music when I am all alone at night. My house is an older, mostly wood, house and I can pretty much jam to Slayer or Ken Mode if I wanted without waking the neighbors. So many distractions in the day that it's hard to get into the flow of things. My usual method for creating a song is to start with the drums and pull out a basic beat that I like, usually bouncing off a song title to set the mood of the piece.

Earlier today I was over at my sister Mary's house watching an old Richard Gere movie; The Mothman Prophecies, which is one of my favorites. So the main song I worked on tonight is tentatively entitled "Test No.#13 The Music Test - Psychic Processes - Indrid Cold." Indrid Cold is also one of the cards I illustrated for the Paranormal Playing Card Deck that was just recently finished. Mr. Cold, whoever he or it is, has one bad reputation in paranormal circles. The song is just dripping with menace and malice. I'm posting this then jumping into bed for some sleeeeeeeep! Tomorrow I pull out the ipad mini, dial in the Amplifi TT unit and lay some guitar tracks, rhythm, lead, and noise candy. I'll mix it all down on Friday and if it passes muster then I'll post it on my bandcamp page and on social media.

09/05/2016 --- The Haley Jo Gomez ASG guitar design is finalized. I hope to also produce her first EP. When enough $$$ is scraped together I will have ASG make one and it'll appear on my bandcamp MERCH page. Because I work in 3D I am able to achieve designs that others cannot. What you see below is only a 3D model I created in the computer. Like all the other guitars, it's currently stored on various hard drives for the day that $$$ makes it real.

Haley Gomez ASG Guitar design

08/31/2016 --- No more Soundcloud for me. Done with them. That change forced me to rearrange some things and Your Last Dance Warrior is now available on bandcamp here: https://plagueofsmiles.bandcamp.com/track/your-last-dance-warrior-single

The current plan is to record single after single and post them on my bandcamp page when they're done. When I have a big enough pile of songs then I will launch a new Kickstarter project in which the supporters are the ones who choose which songs make the CD and which are cut. I am also going to put the top 50 supporters faces on the debut CD inside the panels of the digipak. Once that launches I will be able to add a bandcamp MERCH button right below the current bandcamp button at left. Scroll below to see some of the amazing things I've been creating for the project. The release date is still far into the future in 2017 because of tax and timing reasons.

08/27/2016 --- A tiny bit of news... I added a new link to my sidebar on the left, a bc button. That stands for Bandcamp and it is where my music has found a home. You can now click on that button and it'll take you to a site to listen to and download my songs. Enjoy!


08/18/2016 --- I have two MAJOR things to talk about today, one of which will require YOU to step into my shoes and make some of those neurons in your brain function. If this is too much to ask then by all means leave now and return when the coffee hits. I am going to reveal to the world a NEW MUSIC BUSINESS MODEL that I’ve thought up that ANY independent musician can put to use today! I am also going to toot my own horn – with pictures as proof!

Ok, for months, years actually, I have been working on a pretty large Art/Music project (and an even bigger project behind that one) and I am done with the Art. I initially released this as a Crowdfunding project, but made the mistake of releasing it without first having a crowd. Everyone is allowed a “Duh” moment, yes? That was mine. Realizing my error I quickly pulled the project and decided that this was actually an opportunity to slow down and tighten up the art. So this is what I’m working on…

The Paranormal Strangeness Project

  • Debut CD in a 6 panel digipak with 13 songs
  • Paranormal Playing cards, 56 custom cards by Bicycle
  • 30 page PDF booklet
  • 3 large movie-poster sized posters 27 X 40 inches
  • 2 Custom Paranormal Strangeness ASG guitars
  • 1 large 24 X 24 inch poster of the cover
  • 1 Plague of Smiles T-shirt, stickers, postcards, and custom guitar picks
  • Instant downloads, and download cards, and download stickers

teaser art

I do not have an army of artists and graphic designers at my disposal. Everything above has been created by little ole me (with the exception of The Walking Dead guitar at lower left). I dreamt up this idea because I cannot tour. I am mostly crippled from a medical disorder I acquired in the Marine Corps when I was exposed to some toxic stuff. Acromegaly is the official name. You can give a Google if you’re interested. Anyway, I cannot perform live or tour because of this. Put yourself in my shoes and think about what it’s like to be a disabled musician. Touring and performing are where musicians gain fans and make a living. How are you going to get exposure? How are you going to get your foot in the door? No one gives two shits about mainstream artists much less ones that are crippled and unable to perform live. What do you do?!

You study the photo below.

dropcard art

Imagine this, you’re down at the mall with your friends and one of your friends pulls out one of these download cards. He tells you all about the band, explains why you’ve never heard of them, and says you can download the CD online for $13.00 but that you’ll save three dollars by buying the dropcard from him, says it’s his last card. He assures you that the music is unbelievable so you slide him a ten spot. Like an ancient tally stick, he breaks off the tab (which prevents thieves from selling dead cards) in front of you and hands over the card. You ask your friend where he got the card and he tells you that he bought the signed CD digipak off the website and it arrived with three $10 dropcards. After some quick math you realize that by buying your friends last card… he has just come out ahead financially! He has more money than what he started with. Later, while downloading your music, you notice that you can buy the dropcards yourself… in bulk amounts. Imagine that.

And THAT is something that’s never been done before in music, at least as far as I know. Sure people have used dropcards but usually as freebies to download new songs not as items that put money into people's pockets. Instead of throwing dollar bills at suits and groveling at their feet I have instead turned the tables and turned the entire music business upside down. The suits, the businessmen, the record labels, have been acting for decades as living, breathing parasites. They make the big bucks while artists and fans get table scraps. No more.

Now the artists will get paid according to how much quality and rewards they can pack into their product. If an artist releases a weak product with lots of filler (as a lot of mainstream artists do) then that artist will suffer where it counts, the wallet. And if the artist makes a great product then they can finally make more than table scraps. Fans can do whatever they want to with the cards. They can give them away as gift cards or they can sell them and the money is theirs. There is a phrase that Kanye West invented that is ironically applicable… “needs to respect artistry!”

Indeed. Indeed!

If YOU know a musician who can use the above (that’s most musicians) then send them a link to this page. If you are press or an art or music blogger then I am an intelligent unknown artist/musician with a big mouth and the story so contact me. I live in the Waco/Temple area of Texas, known for its big dreams and even bigger hearts.

Look out for your fellow musicians. It’s hard out there. And if you came to this page for this very reason then support me on youtube and twitter. It only takes a few seconds to subscribe and follow. I’m mostly crippled so I’m relying upon you to give a shit - right here and now! Stay in touch and I’ll let you know when this thing is going to launch. All the art is done. I am now recording the music. It will not launch until both phases are done. Current plans are to launch in 2017 in a fresh tax season. When it launches I want to put a lot of money into a lot of hands, not just my own. Thank you, much love and beauty!


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Kenneth David Bryon Webber is an opinionated artist, designer, 3D modeler, animator, musician, and CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC, an art and music company. He worked on avionics for the FA-18 Hornet while in the Marine Corps then left with an Honorable Discharge to pursue a career in the arts. He attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, but only for a short time as a growing brain tumor brought a touch of madness and homelessness. The tumor was discovered late but thanks to the VA, brain surgery, and gamma knife a real life is still salvageable. 2015 brought a heart attack and the installation of a pacemaker/defibrillator. So it's safe to say that Ken has felt many thorns in his pursuit of the roses. Stay smiling!


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