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12/30/2017 --- "The Geniuses make it happen." --- Jennifer Batten. I suppose that person would be me, yes? I am the person who created many of the Jennifer Batten signature series designs along with the fantastic artists on the Neck Illusions team. Very GRATEFUL and happy that Jennifer highlighted many of the fretboards in her AMAZING end of the year livecast last night. Just watch the video below!

12/26/2017 --- Christmas was really fantastic. No music. I've been working on artwork for an upcoming CD project and brainstorming my marketing.

12/18/2017 --- And so it begins, that feeling of being lost, hated, neglected, abused, and tired. Happens almost every time I finish a project and have to come down to reality. I don't see it as depression. I see it as a good thing and sometimes I really relish the feeling as the opposite up-feeling can blind you to reality. That's a major problem with society today. Everyone wants to be loved and positive and smiling and rainbow unicorns and FUCKING FAKE!!! Can't stand that shit. Artists especially NEED to learn how to deal with the negative, the shadow, the trickster, as much as they do the positive side. Both sides have good things. You can't eat ice cream all day! Sometimes your body needs broccoli. You feel me on this?! In other news I am losing weight and fully expect to be pegging that 250 level this month, Christmas or no.

Eat more broccoli! Get back to balance. Tomorrow I may, if I feel like it, begin another song.

12/16/2017 --- I am awake. I stayed up for 32 hours in order to make the deadline for the song contest and attend my cardiologist appointment. Followed by 16 hours of sleep, I wake to a complete mess. This is going to require coffee.

12/15/2017 --- Today is the final day of the Serj Tankian seven note song challenge. I am entering today as soon as I'm able to log onto the Creative Armenia website. The contest began in October and I only found out about it a week ago. One week to fully complete one song! I named my song "The Cheese Pizza Cried... for an hour or so." Click on over to my music page on Bandcamp to read the info on the song.

12/10/2017 --- TWD Season finale tonight!! Such a great changer after last night. Reset Windows 10 twice and after many hours of trial and error and constant restarts I discovered the problem was coming from my MIDI controller. It is kaput. It decides to go out now?! I'll have to mix my new song in headphones to get it to sound right. The song is shaping up nicely but needs lots of work still.

12/08/2017 --- Art and music are nowhere to be found. Wrapping presents. Crossing names off lists.

UPDATE: Holey MOLEY~!! One of my musical heroes is running a song contest and I think I have a really great chance at winning it. I've figured out what key and scale he's in and I'm working up my music theory knowledge now to choose some really wise chords and chord progressions to bounce off his melody. I have until the 14th to finish and complete the song. I'm pretty confident I can win this thing but wish me luck anyways people!!!

12/03/2017 --- I was never able to properly photograph my guitars for Neck Illusions. So I worked up a kickass digital render and shot it over to Neck Illusions. They're now using it as their main splash page! I did one in yellow and another in purple against a white background. I've been feeling sort of lost lately as I slowly (dragging feet) commit to this diet. I'm in lots of pain almost 24/7 and my shoulders are breaking down now. It has slowed but not stopped me in music. Tomorrow I intend to get back into it. There is, of course, no music work tonight HEAVEN FORBID as tonight is reserved for The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead! Everyone knows that! Good news, I just bought 4 tickets to see John 5 again in Dallas at the Trees Nightclub!!!

11/28/2017 --- Today was the day. I saw my orthopedic doctor for the first time. Now I'm pumped! Doc told me to lose the sugar and lose 35 pounds and she'll OK the double hip replacement surgery. She showed me the X-rays. They were horrific. All of my cartilage is completely gone and has been gone for quite some time. Bone on bone. Bone spurs. Deep deformities have developed. Chronic pain is NOT fun! I'm only 51 and the new hips come with a shelf life of about ten to fifteen years depending upon how you treat them. I'm going to have to plan HOW that shelf life should be spent because there's no guarantee that I will be able to ever have a second operation. In other news dear diary I just spent some time screaming FUCK YOU MICROSOFT at my computer screen. Attempting to create a new PDF in Word. A completely horrible mess of a program. I hardly ever get pissed off by people but Microsoft sure knows how to take a great day and just completely ruin it. Eh, tomorrow's a new day! :)

11/20/2017 --- I began a new beat today, that will eventually become a song, by first recording my shoulder. I have BAD osteoarthritis in my hips and knees. The other day I heard LOUD creaking coming from my shoulder accompanied by a disturbing feeling in the joint. I called Savanna into my studio to verify it and it creeped her out it was so loud. I thought, "what a waste of some good sound." So I pulled out my zoom recorder and captured it for use in my new song. If you don't know what the sound is you might not think twice about it. However, knowing what it really is makes it sort of painful to listen to.

11/19/2017 --- I'm going to teach my niece a thing or two about music if I get the chance. Today is a day for resting and watching The Walking Dead. That is all.

***** Rest in Peace Malcolm Young. A part of my life is gone. *****

11/18/2017 --- My ear is getting MUCH better. I was able in practice tonight to just play along with Joe Satriani's "Wind in the Trees" on the guitar. Feels so good to be able to do that. I want to warn you. A video of Joe is below and I DO NOT want you to watch it quite yet. Instead scroll below and read my post on the 16th, then the post on the 17th and think about "Roman Numerals." GREAT music is a story full of mystery and hidden subtext in a tale well told. Not so much in today's mediocre pop/hip-hop songs, which is both sad and pathetic.

When you've read those posts and you come back here to click the video I have a single question: "Now that you know about the 'Roman Numerals I ii iii IV V vi vii' and how they're used to construct chord progressions and melodies, doesn't Joe make a lot of sense?!"

"When the world is creating mediocrity in C Major your job (musician)
is to create GENIUS in B# Major!"
--- Ken D. Webber

11/17/2017 --- I am convinced that the people who created our written system of music were morons who didn't think things through. After many hours spent looking for a code that creates the major scales and then the minor scales all I found was that it appears to be something originating from HOW the notes are written down on paper on a staff??? Who the fuck in this day and age needs to know that bullshit?! Then they built more rules of madness UPON the previous ill-thought out madness so that the result is that many musicians don't even bother to learn that garbage and instead are left to learn entirely from their ears. I'm posting the following time saver for the benefit of people who are at my level of knowledge and have yet to trade their brains for beans. Fucking bean counters ruin everything in society! If you notice any mistakes feel free to email me. I removed a lot of the theoretical SHIT with their useless double-sharp nonsense because some of them are repeats of other scales. (Read yesterday's post).

Scales are created from 7 degrees and then they repeat only at a higher octave. In the C Major Scale you find the 1st degree (the root) which is C, D is the 2nd degree, E is the 3rd, F is the 4th, G is the 5th, A is the 6th, B is the 7th, and you're back to C at a higher octave. So these numbers are where you find songwriters talking in Roman Numeral number codes ("Hey dude, let's write a I, IV, V chord progression" - which in C would be C, F, and G)

The Major Scales you need to know on piano

C Major = C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C
C # Major = C#, D#, F, F#, G#, A#, C, C#
D Major = D, E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D
E♭ Major = D#, F, G, G#, A#, C, D, D#
E Major = E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, D#, E
F Major = F, G, A, B♭, C, D, E, F
F # Major = F#, G#, A#, B, C#, D#, F, F#
G Major = G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G
A♭ Major = A♭, B♭, C, D♭, D#, F, G, A♭
A Major = A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#, A
B♭ Major = B♭, C, D, D#, F, G, A, B♭
B Major = B, C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A#, B

The Minor Scales you need to know (also known as the Natural Minor Scale) on piano which are created by flatting the 3rd, the 6th, and the 7th degrees of the Major scale. So if you take the C Major Scale of C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C and flat the 3rd note then the E becomes a D#/E♭, the 6th note of A becomes a G#/A♭, and the 7th, a B note, becomes a A#/B♭ producing the C Minor scale seen below.

C Minor = C, D, E♭, F, G, G#, A#, C
C# / D♭ Minor = C#, E♭, E, F#, G#, A, B, C#
D Minor = D, E, F, G, A, A#, C, D
D# / E♭ Minor = E♭, F, F#, G#, A#, B, C#, E♭
E Minor = E, F#, G, A, B, C, D, E
E# / F Minor = F, G, G#, A#, C, C#, E♭, F
F# / G♭ Minor = F#, G#, A, B, C#, D, E, F#
G Minor = G, A, A#, C, D, E♭, F, G
G# / A♭ Minor = G#, A#, B, C#, E♭, E, F#, G#
A Minor = A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A
A# / B♭ Minor = A#, C, C#, E♭, F, F#, G#, A#
B / C♭ Minor = B, C#, D, E, F#, G, A, B

If you start with the Major Scale and only flatten the third degree then you create the Melodic Minor Scale. The Melodic Minor Scale is only played when ascending. When you descend you revert back to the Natural Minor Scale listed above.

If you start with the Major Scale and flatten the third and the sixth degrees then you create the Harmonic Minor Scale (which is the same ascending and descending). The Harmonic Minor Scale usually only sounds good when played over minor chords.

If you start with the Major Scale and flatten the 2nd and the 6th then you create The Double Harmonic Major scale, also known as the Snake Charmer Scale. It is that scale I have chosen for ALL of the music I am creating for my CD "Volume Three of the Room for 333 Squares Art/Music Project" see my post marked 11/15/2017. I also fully intend to write songs in the Phrygian and Oriental modes of this scale as well on the CD.

Immensely helpful for piano players is THIS website:

Immensely helpful for guitarists is this web page:

Now if you combine the above post with the Hal Leonard Chord Wheel Book then YOU my friend are going to be able to write hit songs like a pro! You're welcome.

11/16/2017 --- If YOU are here reading these entries to find a golden nugget then PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PARAGRAPH because I'm dropping secret bombshells of knowledge. When I finish a song I sweep the table of my Tonal and the table of the Nagual. That's a Carlos Castaneda thing that basically means I get all the obstructions and garbage out of my way such as laundry, cleaning the kitchen, backing up my files, etc. I then review where I am and where I want to go. So tonight I spent hours and hours delving into and learning EXTREMELY NERDY music theory stuff such as this: "B# Major is a theoretical scale and has 2 sharps and 5 double sharps and is notated as B# Cx Dx E# Fx Gx Ax and on the piano ACTUALLY IS the C Major Scale = C D E F G A B!" And while I was doing all this research I killed two birds with one stone by listening to a video of Sam Ovens explain WHY your self is nothing but a delusion and if you want to succeed in business you have to build a NEW self that's capable of being successful. Sam gets pretty deep but it resonates in me because I've had a background in the Toltec Indian concept of recapitulation (more Carlos Castaneda stuff) and how a warrior should view the world. The two are very similar.

Tonight I absorbed the major scales. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to figure out the minor scales. I'm also using the Hal Leonard Chord Wheel for composing and things are really starting to click in my head. I'm able to compose better songs at a much faster speed than ever before. So the final thing I'm going to puzzle with before going to sleep is who will Ken D. Webber be in the future as the guy that will introduce Plague of Smiles to millions and millions of people?

11/15/2017 --- Either Bill Gates is a colossal ASSHOLE or simply incompetent. Nothing I do seems to turn off the evils of Windows 10!?!? It almost cost me big-time. Just as I was about to save a master copy of my 29th song some glitch sent my computer into the black screen of death! I immediately powered off, then powered back on, then reset the system. I reset it twice for windows then noticed Ableton Live was glitching up with crash reports so I reset that once or twice. Everything began working well about an hour later so I made backup copies. Someone should tell that Microsoft ASSHOLE that his operating program needs to stop all the other nonsense it's running in the background and NEVER download and install updates by interrupting Ableton Live (which it seems to do all the time). Anyway, I got my song up on Bandcamp and I give credit to Spirit. Thank You Spirit!

The title of the song is "The Fungi Ate Him Alive... we Laughed." Share and enjoy!

11/13/2017 --- My mood has to be good to work in music. Me and Mom watched a documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer then The Walking Dead began and Jerry chopped a character in half that looked very much like Mr. Dahmer to the point that it was mentioned on The Talking Dead. I ended up watching serial killer documentaries after that, Dahmer, Dahmer, Dahmer, till about 1:30 in the a.m. That set the horror mood perfectly and I jumped back into my song and got the beat bouncing. I didn't record any guitar. Instead I took a sample of some previous guitar work that Ableton had saved and NIN'ed it into shape, chop, chop, chop!

11/11/2017 --- The song I began last night continues the madness of the Double Harmonic Major Scale in C. I'm calling it "The Fungi Ate Him Alive... we laughed!" I stopped composing as burnout set in just past dawn. The song begins like a brainless/club/rave/trance pounder but somewhere along the way it's clear that this IS an H.P. Lovecraft inspired song. The sample of laughter I used when slowed down sounds like insanity crying. I took a sample of a woman screaming in horror and slowed it down. Now it sounds like the star-wind screaming down on a mountaintop. All appropriate sounds when you're dealing with the Fungi from Yuggoth. The thought of someone listening to this and thinking, "Oh, I love it, this is some hip hop/Katy Perry stuff" and then discovering that the song turns into something insane people murder to makes me love Lovecraft's work even more for allowing me to deliver a cosmic bitch slap in his honor to all the people who want their music mediocre, safe, and easy. This will be my 29th song and my music is not always safe or easy to listen to. If that disturbs you I really don't care.

Rob Zombie said it best: "Art is NOT Safe!"

11/08/2017 --- I spent yesterday helping my sister Mary with a personal problem and we talked about her father. We both share the same mother but different fathers and apparently her father really got around! She may have 15+ half brothers and sisters and who knows how many nieces and nephews. I woke up today interested in business but not making art or music. I believe that real music and real paintings have a future but I foresee a lot of artists and musicians getting burnt to a crisp in the coming VR/AR trap. The big companies are going to make the big $$$ and the artists are going to get shafted, with the exception of the fake celebrities that the big companies WILL create in order to trap those lacking business sense. I'm seeing this now with Marvel/Madefire and their dead end "motion comics" trap. There's just no money in that because it's a consumer fad type of thing. With my own art and music I see an unfolding much like what happened to H.P. Lovecraft's work. He created a niche that other writers, filmmakers, artists, and musicians have tapped into, giving his work a whole new set of legs. I view my own work as something that others after me will pick up and turn into VR/AR movies, documentaries, games, galleries, etc. because the money is just sitting there on the table for the taking. IMHO!

11/06/2017 --- I finished "Iä! Shub-Niggurath!" to a point. The version I'm currently releasing has no vocals added to it. I left off the crowds of people chanting "Iä! Iä! Iä!" because the song is in 24 bit and IF it ever gets licensed for say, a movie, then that specific chant could be a deal killer. I want broad appeal and use for the music with no limitations and the chant would put limitations for its use into the song. I'm also leaving out the chants because if I ever run into Tony Robbins I want to ask him and his audience to provide the chant because their Iä! would be a lot more fun than just little ole' me in the studio. That aside, the song is done. There are no vocals but I did have fun using a vocal enhancer on certain parts and in the ending of the song I used a sample from NASA that is creepy as you can get. NASA sent a satellite whisking past Saturn and as it passed they recorded audio, radio waves of some sort that the planet emits. So does Shub-Niggurath come from Saturn? We have no way of asking H.P. Lovecraft but it's certainly a possibility in my mind.

I start the song off with some warbling of notes that are just on the edge of being sour. I then kick it into a solid sustained G. The song itself is in the key of C and uses the Double Harmonic Scale, sometimes known as The Snake Charmer Scale. So the story I had in my head while creating this is that late at night, out on a barren mountaintop, the rituals to bring Shub-Niggurath down from the skies begin with the music of a priest and his insane followers attempting to snake-charm the elder god for his own control. Share and enjoy!

11/04/2017 --- I watched Season 1, Episode 1 of Channel Zero Candle Cove. It's a creepy horror-based series out on DVD. That got me in the mood to create - so I opened up the latest song I'm working on (Shub) and tweaked the drums, worked on my flute sound, and put some emphasis on the ending. Now it's starting to really groove and tomorrow I intend to add bass and just a tiny touch of guitar. I feel like I'm moving away from guitar music and really getting into keyboards and improving my compositions.

10/31/2017 --- It's zero dark thirty Halloween morning and I just put in a few hours on a song I'm calling, "Iä! Shub-Niggurath!" It's an H.P. Lovecraft thing. I woke up as the sun went down and worked through midnight. I would keep working but I've pulled a back muscle and I have to be ready by dawn to take my mother to her doctor's appointment. Chronic pain or no - I WILL find a way to work through anything and make circumstances serve my plans. I'm just that type of person. Being that it's Halloween, watch and share the above video for Paranormal Strangeness. It's creepy weird AND... based on a true story!

10/30/2017 --- The Thing on the Doorstep and The Whisperer in Darkness are the inspiration for my latest song, title yet to be determined. I have decided to work in 5/4 time just because I want an odd song to have an equally odd time signature. I had to scour youtube to figure out what 5/4 time is because I have no idea about time. I'm not a drummer and I don't have to be one to compose a beat, but... it's best to have a basic understanding, yes?

10/29/2017 --- I have no plans to work on music tonight as The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead is on. However, I did wake up late and I'm drinking coffee and I've been puzzling over how to implement the 7th into my next song, still using the Double Harmonic Major - which would be a B thingy, maybe diminshed? Maybe pitch shift the B upon hitting it and lowering it then hammering that C note? And in my head I can 'see' an E, F, G line working as a second melody idea or ascending scale motif? This is all in my head. I have no idea how that would sound. 1-2-5-1-3-5-7-1? I may work it out tonight after the Dead and see how creepy and full of Cthulhu I can stuff it before jumping into the next mode of the Double Harmonic Major. Ultimately, I would like the entire Volume Three to be entirely made up of songs of insanity, Cthulhu, and madness, preferably all variants of the Double Harmonic Major. Grouped together as such it would give the CD a cohesion and set it apart from my other works. I've only been playing and composing with keyboards for about a year so I do feel like I'm improving in leaps and bounds. The lessons from Yousician Rick Beato have been so inspiring!

10/28/2017 --- I wrote and finished a song since last I posted a diary entry. It is called "The Music of Erich Zann." Erich Zann is not a real person!!! But if he was... I played piano while his possessive spirit picked up the electric viol and wailed away on the lead track using MY fingers! He is a character in a story by H.P. Lovecraft, one of horror and madness - which you can read online here: The Music of Erich Zann. If you like the song (below) please share it on FB and RETWEET it on Twitter. Thanks!

---There ARE lyrics of course, but most mortals cannot hear them, they only catch a few words or mystic phrases here and there from the Whisperer in Darkness as he sings to the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. "Iä! Shub-Niggurath!" ---

10/27/2017 --- Taking a step back tonight. Cleaned up my studio and kitchen and my new diet (get ready - eww alert)... is cleaning me out and my asshole is feeling it! Most Rock Stars hustle for that celebrity endorsement of cars, phones, their own perfume brand, etc. Me? I would be more than willing to pimp for Preparation H. Literally. I shit you not. If you're a young person reading this then I am sooooooo GLAD to pull back the veil on aging and show you all the horrors of the real deal. Getting old sucks and damn, I'm only 51. In my future there is only more and more surgeries. I get over the pain of one thing to get into the pain of the next thing. So no music tonight. Despite the constant ache of my joints and ass though - my mood is terrific! I wouldn't trade my life for anything. This is the GREATEST time to be alive people especially if you, like me, are also a survivor (as opposed to those with a victim/loser mentality). YOUR STATE, as Tony Robbins tells me, is a choice. Anger, jealousy, self-pity OR, happiness, enjoyment, and gratitude - your decisicion to be a loser OR a winner - the choice of what state you want to live in is always yours. Make the right one.

10/26/2017 --- Guitars were an afterthought, but I did add them today. Did not cut them in live. Hell no. I recorded some power chords I knew were in the song and one at a time isolated the best takes for each chord, then used my ear to place them on the timeline wherever I needed a particular chord. I also recorded some finger tapping stuff that got chopped up and rearranged in Ableton before running them through various effects. So I now have my very first song in the key of C using the Double Harmonic Major Scale. Enjoy my darkness, feel free to share this plague of insanity. It is called "Face in the mirror (isn't MINE!)" If you want to know what the song is really about then read from here down to the 10/15/17 diary entry below.

10/24/2017 --- Layed the bass track and added some noise candy. I had to use orange electrical tape to mark out the Double Harmonic Major scale because it is so weird to my ears. Probably going to have to do the same thing tomorrow on my guitar when I lay those tracks. There are places in the beat where I've allowed it to disappear and for chaos to take over. It's a sound similar to the random rhythms you would get from a wind chime. It seems to add tension and madness to the song. I found a sample of a woman screaming in Ableton Live. I dropped that sucker an octave lower, stretched it out, and put it in the key I wanted. I did not put it on the climax of the beat as most youtube-iscians would have done. I discovered that it has more emotional impact and shock/ surprise when it's a notch or two behind the beat. When it sits there it's like a sucker punch to the gut.

10/22/2017 --- So much fucking pain. Meds and sleep stopped working years ago. I just eat pain all day and all night now. Hips and knees, osteoarthritis is a bitch! Bone on bone grinding. Bone spurs. I make plans now and find myself laying in bed not moving. Everything today is going to be backwards from the way it should. Housework first, shower, watch The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead over at my mom's house with her. AND then I work on music after that if I have any energy left over. Listening to Five Finger Death Punch and pacing myself so I don't burn out early. 55 more pounds to drop before I have a BMI low enough for surgery.

10/21/2017 --- Finished binge watching the last 4 hours of True Detective Season 1. The ending to the first season was spectacular and carries the same vibe of madness that is currently in the song I am working on. After it was over I opened up the song in Ableton Live and made a few panning tweaks. It is so dark and delicious that I'm gonna have to put on some fine French Roast coffee, black no cream or sugar, and use that to get me to the morning. Right now it's 2:19 in the a.m. and I realized that my I've flipped my flop again and the hydrocortisone is going to push me into tomorrow morning. I believe Savanna may be sleeping in the other room so I'm going to hold off until morning to thump some bass tracks onto the new song. Every thing in it's own time as they say. Gives me a few hours to rewatch True Detective while I'm cleaning house. Nothing better than coming up on the finishing touches of a new song and the house is clean and all my chores done. Damn... even in type that sounds Texan.

10/20/2017 --- I resolved drum issues tonight and added some square waves to the song. There's not going to be a whole lot of guitars and bass in this song. The piano seems to have captured the intent of the song just fine all on its own. There are areas of the song with no drums or beat, just ambience. In other parts of the song the beat jumps around like my heart used to before I was prescribed mexiletine "for nonsustained ventricalur tachycardia." It would slow down and speed up and skip beats or pound out a few heavy beats that would fade off. I wouldn't say it's the easiest song to listen to but it has its moments. It certainly is unique.

10/17/2017 --- 3RD and Foraging?! I've just made a note in my Song Diary; a new title.

Started my night with two consecutive night terrors, which are not the same as nightmares. I've had them before so I'm not freaked out by them and the rush of adrenaline. I just ride em' out. It happens when I'm exhausted or my medicine gets jacked around. Then I had a dream I was at an orgy and after refusing the advances of two eager gay guys I found a lovely female blond/brunette with a big smile on her face. I woke up as I was slipping off her panties, went to the bathroom, came back and went to sleep again and encountered the same woman again (this time with solid black hair) in some sort of college graduation ceremony for advanced dreamers. We were suppossed to have the ceremony at the corner of 3RD and Foraging, Fouragen, Forregen, Four Again? The woman and I split off from the group like giggling lovers to intentionally never find the corner and DAMN... I lost the woman somehow. I googled it when I woke up and it doesn't exist. Hope she's not waiting there! Regardless, I have a new song title and inspiration for a song on Volume Three, thanks to my lovely brunette mystery woman.

And now it's obviously time for me
to drink... C-O-F-F-E-E!!!

10/15/2017 --- Now I know WHAT my song is about. You see, your subconscious is... a motherfucker. Yes it is! Stabs me in the heart every single time and I just love it. The song I've been working on for the past two weeks just revealed itself to me and I hit the bullseye. Sometimes I'm way off on the titles, forcing me to rename them. Sometimes I hit the bullseye. The song is appropriately called "Face in the mirror (isn't MINE!)" and it's NOT about Cthulhu as I had first imagined. The song is making me relive feelings of insanity I'd forgotten that came about because of a face in the mirror. Mine. Before I was diagnosed with acromegaly I didn't know what was happening to me or what was real. I'd look in the mirror and sometimes the lies we all tell ourselves would hold. And sometimes they wouldn't, prompting insane feelings and disturbed solutions.

Cthulhu, as many of my fellow gaming nerds know, is a role playing game, one that I was heavily involved with back in my Marine Corps days when I was still normal. As players progress in the game they gain knowledge, wisdom, and, and understanding BUT - at the cost of their own sanity. So imagine my surprise tonight to learn that this song is NOT about Cthulhu. It is about my own unresolved feelings that arose because acromegaly rearranged my face! You don't notice the changes. Your friends, if you have any left, are the first to begin whispering about you, usually behind your back. You hear things. You get paranoid. And then one day, YOU FUCKING SEE IT FOR YOURSELF and there is no saving your heart from the horror and the betrayal. Your own body has turned against you. You don't know why, but there's a new face staring back at you in the mirror and you know in your heart that it's there to stay. The tears that rolled down my face were proof of that truth.

The song sings to me. You can hear the madness grating in and out of time like pieces of wet glass rubbing against each other. It is intentionally uncomfortable to listen to. My music is not safe. You want safe? Go listen to Katy Perry or laugh with Lil Wayne or get your dick up with the nasty soft-core porn that Nicki Minaj spews. They're safe. Formula music, created to hit those dopamine centers in your brain and make a shit ton of $$$. The kind of shallow meaningless mediocre crap that some say an artist would have to "sell their souls" to produce. Not my bag of tea. Sometimes the artist's role is to mirror society back at itself. Sometimes the artist's role is to get cut to pieces by the broken mirror the fist has scattered in rage, loathing, and madness. The song is what it is, a remembered landscape of forgotten sonic pain. That is all for tonight. Tomorrow I am ready to add more instrumentation of highs and lows. I have captured the structure and essence of the song and that's the most important thing.

10/13/2017 --- I had to do something today, before jumping back into the madness of the Double Harmonic Major Scale. I wrote out a real Biography. It's that link at left. Right over there. Read with caution. It's got some "bite" to it.

10/12/2017 --- No music today. I saw my new doctor today at the VA. Nice guy. We talked about my brain surgery, my heart attack and pacemaker installation, and my gallstone-filled gall bladder. He had me do some X-rays on my hips and phoned me later with the results. He confirmed that the arthritic damage is bad and in the extreme and he's going to get the ball rolling on hip replacement surgery with the caveat that I first lose 60 pounds. That is not an impossible feat but... yeah, it's practically impossible - who the fuck am I kidding! I have acromegaly. I'm flooded with growth hormone and IGF-1 (somatomedin C). GH and IGF-1 make you gain weight, and not just muscle growth - heavy bone growth! I have six months to drop the weight. Tonight I'm eating and drinking whatever the heck I please. Tomorrow I'm in this whole hog to lose the weight. Gotta have those heavy metal legs.

10/10/2017 --- VLOG #10 is out! Share and enjoy! It's best watched in 1280 X 720P HD.

AND... Rick Beato's NEW CD is out, only available on his website. It is FANTASTIC!


10/2/2017 --- The sludge rises. Phenylalanine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine, Norepinephrine, and... DOPAMINE! My mother is a narcissistic, passive-aggressive bi-polar (manic-depression) whose numerous suicide attempts prompted me in my early twenties to learn just what is going on in the brain. And from those studies I learned what the BIG FIVE above do in the brain and how insidious imbalance (primarily caused by sugar) can be. Since then, knowing that I also probably share some genetic traits, I began watching my sugar and balancing my acid/alkaline balance but (there's always a but isn't there?) but... there is MUSIC.

The thing that gets me is music. Being a producer of music I cannot get away from it and the better the piece I'm working on is, the more I pour into it and frequently that results in me working on a piece for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. I sit there in the chair composing. I know I'm burning out. I sit there anyway and keep going. I posted my last post early in the morning after working all through the night. Then I kept going. All the way into October the 1st because even though I was tired I got insomnia. I finally was able to go to sleep sometime in the evening and slept in hour long stretches all night and into the day until now. Just got out of the shower and dressed and I'm typing this at 3:36 p.m. Do the math.

And THAT is the problem both artists and musicians face, the unbalance of dopamine in the brain. We produce the music, we like it, it's addictive, we keep going, we burn through the dopamine that's been released and we go until the energizer bunny inside runs out of juice. Then the crash. But the good news is...


9/30/2017 --- I took yesterday's musical sketches in C Double Harmonic and cut it down from 13 minutes to 4. I now have a clearly defined intro, beginning, and ending. The middle has too much going on so I'm going to have to focus on what I want to shine and cut all the extra fat. So far, the song has two piano lines and a basic drum beat but it will have guitars, bass, and song candy before it's in the can. With no one in the house tonight but me, I cranked the stereo and practiced my singing. Sang to some Prince, Kimbra, Queensryche, A Perfect Circle, and Sting.

"Way Back Home" by Prince has three notes near the end that I still can't hit. I do good on the Kimbra in a male voicing. Queensryche forces me to accept notes in a lower register - and forget about singing that stuff from their first CD! My timing is off on A Perfect Circle, even with lyrics in front of me. And one song by Sting (Ghost Story) is impossible to get through because I get choked up and teary-eyed every single time thinking about Erin. That song is just too close to my own life. I am so close to crashing and burning right now. I'm gonna sleep for a day. Then I'm going to spend tomorrow making sure the beat grooves, all the fat is cut, the song has proper dynamic climaxes, tension and release points, and there's space for the other instruments to do their thing. So far, the title still holds and I have some luscious darkness brewing. That is all for today.

9/28/2017 --- I usually keep a TIGHT LID on my emotions, to the point that I'm mistaken for being a robot on many occasions. Things got to me this week. Bad dreams. Bad spirits. Blatant DISRESPECT coming from the racist NFL scum taking a knee to support the BIG LIE that America is racist and her flag stands for "the oppression of black people." You want to tell me some bullshit about America oppressing black people after the success of Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Lil Wayne, Seal, Oprah, and hundreds of pampered millionaire atheletes?!?! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! Am I speaking loud enough and clear enough for you? Can you hear me Jerry Jones and your California Cowturds??? I am a US Marine veteran, honorably discharged, and I am saying in the loudest possible way, "FUCK YOU RACIST SCUM!" Heroes stand. Cowards kneel. So... with all this dark, delicious, murderous hate for leftists and their phony race division I step tonight into the C Double Harmonic Scale which has a flat two and a flat six producing...


The music I shall produce with this shall carry darkness and malice to a whole new level - hopefully. I'm going to start out just using the major scale before jumping into new territory, but I am itching to dive into both the phrygian and oriental modes. This scale sounds gorgeous on piano, especially when using some of the Tension Instruments in Ableton Live. I am also filming as I go along. So join me in the coming weeks for an exploration of mankind's darkest musical thoughts.

9/24/2017 --- 1) The world did NOT end last night as many had prophesied - falsely! 2) Marc Scherer and Jennifer Batten released Battlezone - YAY!!! 3) I stayed up all night long modding a guitar and filming it. Burnout to follow. Did I just inhale six McDonald's chocolate chip cookies? Yes. Monday is the cleanup day. Tuesday, it is back to composing more music. That is all.

9/22/2017 --- I did some rearranging tonight on Bandcamp. The Volumes are now public.

9/21/2017 --- I flipped my flop. Had to go to sleep yesterday to catch a medical appointment today which tonight has created INSOMNIA. So I find myself watching, but not fully understanding, the following video by Rick Beato. NO ONE has ever been able to teach me jack-fucking-shit in music but I am slowly picking up Rick's online lessons because he's teaching on keyboard instead of a guitar. After finishing my last song (which really made my Mom's day, she loved it!) I am returning tomorrow to the Double Harmonic scale in the Key of C (you flat the 2nd and the 6th to produce C-D♭-E-F-G-A♭-B) for my next composition. And I pretty much intend to stay here until I can come up with a song in regular Double Harmonic, The Phrygian mode, and the Oriental mode. Then I'm going to play around in the key of A and E, maybe G too, but all within the Double Harmonic.

This next statement will probably piss off a lot of music majors but I really don't care to learn the thing, I just want to play around in it and compose in it. IF in the process of playing I pick it up then great, but that's NOT my goal. I'm not young. I have earned my old fart status. There's no reason for me to learn something because I have ZERO intentions of becoming a performing artist. That is not who I am. I am a composer. I select my scales like an artist chooses a certain palette of colors. I don't have to know the names of the colors I use in my music. All I'm concerned about is creating and finding that artistic gold that the tools give me. Everything else is pretty much irrelevant. If tomorrow is good and the coffee is kicking I'm probably also going to begin filming a new VLOG because I have a new Jackson Dinky that's going to get some beautiful Amber/Bordeaux stain and I need to show off my Neck/Keyboard Illusion. Anyway... the Double Harmonic video is somewhere below this one on Dissonance = Emotion, which includes a section on how chords resolve. It'll click in my head one of these days I'm sure.

9/19/2017 --- Tonight is the big YAWN. I released something I believe is totally killer into the world and... big yawn. I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist. The reality is that I will have to keep digging until I strike such a huge vein of artistic gold that the world can no longer ignore me. I have just finished my 25th major song and $0.00 is the end result as of today. It's quite obvious that I'm not doing it for the fame, the sex, the drugs, the travel, or the money. It's easy to be a winner when the world rallies behind you. My art and music is strong, sharp, impeccable, and dangerous to my fellow competitors. To keep it that way requires discipline. When I do become a multi-millionaire I want people to know that the money never made me. On the contrary, I made the money because I have the heart of a winner and that's what we do. We never give up and we never give in.


9/18/2017 --- I am going to say something that is going to make hardcore music-theory knowing players out there giggle but my mind is completely blown. I am 51 and have spent 35 years playing guitar entirely by ear. That approach didn't work for shit on keyboards so I've been learning music theory as an exploration of composing music. Something happened entirely by accident but I caught it. I wrote a song on 8/28/2017 in the Key of A# Major. Then I decided on a whim to jump to something else entirely and heard a video by Rick Beato in which he explains the Phrygian mode. I really liked the tone of his song. He was playing in E Phrygian and I thought that if it sounds this badass in E then I should go lower. So naturally I went down a whole step to D to compose a work of music in D Phrygian mode. (music theory brains, this is your cue to start laughing and giggling like little girls). I ask you, what are the odds? The odds that I went from A# Major to D Phrygian mode and fucking holy hell, the notes are exactly the SAME!!! The only difference is the root note that you start on. So I go online and discover there are other scales and modes that are the same. For example, A Aeolian and E Phrygian share the same notes. So now I'm going to have to discover which scales have twin sisters in the modes. I think this approach will help to speed up the learning curve with music theory.

The amazing thing is, I didn't discover this tidbit until after I had finished my new song in D Phrygian. I was searching and searching and searching my files trying to find a photo I could use for the Bandcamp photo. I couldn't find anything that fit the title - "Having A Spot of Mrs. Kersh's Tea." Then I ran into a photo I took of my keyboards where I had A# Major outlined on my keyboard in orange electrical tape. I stared out it knowing that it was A# Major and then it clicked in my mind that HEY, those are the exact same notes as D Phrygian. So... now I have completed the image for the song using that same keyboard photo and the song is below.

What is the song about? Like many people, I love Stephen King. When I wrote out my list of potential song titles I put down "Mrs. Kersh's Tea." Mrs. Kersh is a character in the novel IT. You can read the book or go watch the old IT movie or wait until the remake, It Chapter Two, is released to know where the song got its inspiration. Earlier in the evening (the 17th) I went over to my mom's house and got her and my sister Mary to do a quick impromptu recording and that's what made the song! I merged my mom and my sister's voices together and then used my mom's laughter and the sound of her tapping out a rhythm with the spoon and teacup to complete the song. Anyway, enjoy the song and IF YOU happen to know either Stephen King or the people producing the new IT movie then by all means alert them to the song. It'd be so cool if it made into the 2nd movie somehow. SHARE AND ENJOY!!1

FINAL WORD - it's absolutely KILLER in headphones!

9/14/2017 --- Going to have to charge up my ipad so I can use it and the Amplifi TT to lay guitar tracks tomorrow. The song I'm working on has no drum tracks on it to date. Everything is sketchy and subject to change. Double checked my piano lines as I discovered some E's that somehow slipped in there. The song's in D Phrygian which has no E's (D,Eb,F,G,A,A#,C,D). If I were to name the song right now it would have to be called, "Having A Spot Of Tea With Mrs. Kersh." As many of you know, Mrs. Kersh is a character in Stephen King's IT and her tea sucks ass. IF ANYONE out there knows the people who are currently working on the soundtrack for the second Chapter of IT, by all means put me in contact with them and shoot me their name and email. Hell, if you know them, shoot them a good word! I don't even know if Mrs. Kersh will make it to the bigscreen in this new IT remake but hey, it's worth a shot. The song is great regardless! Here's a quick reminder of Kersh and her tea.

9/10/2017 --- Irma is sucking out any life I have today. I cannot help but watch the developing story streaming on various youtube channels. Kinda looks like the storm is petering out. It is sad to watch videos of looters. This generation has no respect. I grew up in a generation when the police were not so corrupt and looters were simply SHOT DEAD ON SIGHT, which is as it should be! Liberalism is a disease that eats away at society and weakens morals. I have a few things to clear up on monday and that will open the way to record a new VLOG for my youtube channel.

9/09/2017 --- It has come to my attention that some sort of criminal evil is afoot at my house. I live with a house mate who has a past history of drug use. I do not suspect her of any evil. I do however, believe the local cops suspect she is up to no good and they know about my music business and studio being located on my premises. A HONEY HOLE. A honey hole is a cash spot for drug enforcement. They find them. They plant drugs on the premises. They raid the house. The house owner goes to jail when they find the planted evidence and the house and its possessions - thousands of dollars in recording equipment is sold off to keep local drug enforcement in the $$$. This is how a corrupt police/sheriff office operates. Marlin just had a local police chief busted for sexual offenses. Something about forcing the women he was arresting into sex acts or jail. So... a corrupt police force in Marlin is A FACT!

A few days ago I put latch locks on my house. My house mate went to spend the night with her kid. She didn't tell anyone. Around three in the morning someone attempted to enter my house, not once but two times, around five in the morning. They couldn't get in because of the latch locks. My brother then informs me that he's heard from a local sheriff that my house is going to be raided and is a known drug house! I inform my brother that he is full of crap. I've been living here and haven't seen anything going on or smelt anything bad being used here. But I do KNOW FOR A FACT that the local PD is corrupt and I've seen them hanging around my neighborhood watching my house. So I am posting this publicly and if anyone out there has had this happen to them please contact me. PLEASE Share this with the FBI and send them an email. I also am going to contact the FBI.

PUBLIC NOTICE: No illegal drug use, drug related activity, or prostitution is allowed in my house. It is not tolerated! I am not going to be a willing "victim" to ANY corrupt police department.

9/08/2017 --- Cleaned my house then went to sleep early so I could get up in the morning and take my car to be inspected to get my sticker. Couldn't sleep. Then I heard a commotion, fighting, dog barking, and screaming from my housemate. Grabbed my butcher knife and we ended up calling the cops. Her boyfriend had assaulted her, stole her pain meds, and took off running. After we made a police report we got in the car and went up and down streets looking for her pitbull who took off running when the door was opened. Now it's about seven in the morning. A neighbor found the dog and brought it back. Going to try and get a nice power nap then deal with the car later today when I wake up.

9/06/2017 --- Here is another one for the WTF files. This is the second paranormal experience I have had this week. I had a dream that I was at a place like a park or a mall. There was a ride for children. You put your quarters in the slot and then you walk along this path. As you're walking everyone else is watching you... and your double. The "ride" was a hologram splitter and it split your holographic dream body into two so everyone watching saw you and a double of you walking along this pathway. I woke up facing my windows. It was pitch black outside. I was fully awake at this point and contemplating getting up and making coffee. As I was staring, WIDE FUCKING AWAKE, at my window it suddenly lit up with bright light. I thought that maybe someone in the road had turned their car in the street so that it was shining in my window but I noticed it wasn't just that one window, it was all the windows. So I moved the blind and WHAT THE FREAK... it was instantly about nine o' clock in the morning. One second it was early in the morning pitch black. The next second - without even blinking - it was suddenly early in the morning and the sun was out full and shining, blue skies, NO CLOUDS! I hadn't blinked. I hadn't gone back to sleep. I certainly wasn't groggy. I was wide awake and staring at the windows when the event happened.

I am also a person who sleeps with a CPAP machine and nothing had shifted. My body hadn't shifted, the CPAP machine strapped to my face hadn't shifted or moved. None of the blankets had moved. I had no sense of "missing time." It just went from dead of night to early sunshiny blue sky morning as if someone had flicked a switch! And I saw it happen with my eyes wide open and alert. Someone needs so explain this shit to me. WTF???!!!

9/04/2017 --- Ok, WTF?! I ran out of hyrdrocortisone over the weekend and I can't get a refill until I visit the VA on tuesday. One of the things that hydro c does is help you to wake up. I no longer have a functioning pituitary gland so I have to have it to live. It may explain why I got up late the day prior and only stayed awake for a few hours before going back to sleep; wherein I got about 21 hours of sleep. The last dream I had I was dating a young black-haired Hillary Clinton. We were taking a shower together. When I awoke I heard a melody being played on my keyboards. I listened for about a full minute to the point where I was singing the melody. My keyboards are a MIDI controller. They do not produce sound on their own! The playing skill of the ghostly pianist was unsure. It sounded the way a small child learning how to play will halt and then speed up. As it faded away to nothing I sat up and could turn my head and still catch phrases of it.

I have heard tell that other musicians have, on occassion, heard such ghostly things when close to dreams or in a dream. Some have even taken them and taken credit for their creation. I do not and would not do such a thing. It's not my song. It's the song of the ghost. I see amazing things in my dreams. Artwork and such. I sometimes hear amazing things. Those things do not belong to me. I did not create them. I discard them immediately to keep from offending whatever spirit produced them. It is my own personal choice to do so.

9/02/2017 --- I should have done the darkest scale ever. Instead I saw another Rob Beato video in which he played something from the Phrygian mode that I thought was perfectly dark and sad. Played around with it in the key of D. Some youtube videos suggested a progression of 2, 4, 7, 1 chords. However, another video said the bass line in Phrygian should be a drone, if anything, on one note or chord - the flattened 3rd; which would be an F7 chord? This is why I think music theory is full of shit. Who made up all these damn rules instead of listening to their ears; all this fucking book knowledge seems to get in the way of what the ears and the heart/feelings have to say. So instead I played around in the mode and came up with the notes for an intro, notes for a melody, a possible hook/drop and maybe an ending but... the song is definitely too short. It may be possible to loop some sections and then solo over them. And yes, I do want a bass line that's more than just a one note/chord drone. I don't know why one of the melody lines seems to be an Fsus4 chord stretched out but it works and sounds cool. Fuck the rules. All the rules to me are just a starting point. If they work great. If they don't then I'll play around until my ears find something awesome - which is how I found the Fsus4.

I believe what is really going on is that some musicians just play around and discover things and make songs and other musicians are more interested in puzzles than music so they attempt to label the various things the musician came up with and put them into its own little box of language. Or they'll read someone else's rulebook and pull out a string of language boxes for a progression to make a cookie cutter song - which is how I feel when I'm learning and using music theory and trying to stay within the "rules."

9/01/2017 --- Woke up and bought ANOTHER Jackson JS32 Dinky (see my 7/13/2017 entry) in natural oil finish. I'm going to use Amber TransTint dye to stain the body of the guitar with Bordeaux (it's a blood red / wine color) around the edges for a classic sunburst finish. For the fingerboard I'm going to go with my own "Symbol Literacy" design. No music tonight but I did discover Rob Beato's youtube channel through one of his KICKASS videos, The Darkest Scale Ever, which I INTEND to study extensively and write some songs in the scale and its various modes for my work-in-progress CD The Bleeding Cut.

8/30/2017 --- I just woke from about 15 hours of sleep! Drinking coffee now. Discovered nothing on the Internet. When you finish a song it's always a good idea to stop the world and clean up the mess. So it's clean house, clean car, laundry, and listen to SLAYER day! That is all.

8/28/2017 --- My latest song is out. You can read how it came together either below, in the diary OR in the description under the song at the Bandcamp website. Buy it, Share it, LOVE it! Thank you.

8/27/2017 --- OPEN MESSAGE TO MICROSOFT (feel free to forward): "You fucking incompetent pricks almost cost me to lose a song! There is a special place in HELL reserved for you Bill Gates, you and your incompetent coders!" Windows 10 does not act like it should. It should be a program that sits in the background and does nothing but allow programs to run. INSTEAD, you assholes want to be itunes, and a search engine, and virus software, and all kinds of happy horseshit that is INTERFERING with my programs!!! When I'm running Ableton Live and it starts crackling because my computer is busy behind my back downloading Microsoft BULLSHIT then I get fucking upset. Why is my system crackling? I go online to AKAI's website for the EIE Pro and discover that Windows 10 has prompted them to create a new audio driver. I spend hours upgrading the driver and it creates havoc with Ableton Live. I'm losing hours and hours and I'm losing patience and you assholes threw a really good monkey wrench into my song. Yes you did! I'm in the process of fixing and salvaging what I can. I shouldn't be doing ANY of that. I should be recording, not running around looking for fixes for the damage you Microsoft ASSHOLES have caused today. Bill Gates, please dump Windows 10. It does NOT serve your customers. We don't want a swiss army knife of programs. We want an operating system AND THAT'S IT!!! Three words...


8/25/2017 --- A # Slow Knife In The Back (see what I did there diary readers) is beginning to shape up. Many happy accidents today. For those who don't know, a "happy accident" is when you do something by mistake or perhaps on subconscious instinct and it sounds so freakin' good you gotta leave it in and play around with it! And when people call you a genius for it you shrug your shoulders, roll your eyes, keep silent, and CLAIM THAT SHIT ladies and gentlemen! I'm about ready to release the song. Going to have to find a fresh ear to come in and critique it tomorrow. I shut the song off for the night and I have to find a whole different sound. Something in the key of SLAYER perhaps? Maybe something you could sing to like classic Ted Nugent? Anything that will help my head to stop hearing and singing my song. Geez, talk about burning a thing in your head! It happens.

8/23/2017 --- I move the wrong way and BAM! sharp, like a knife in my back. The song I'm working on is in the key of A# Major. I'm going to name the song "A # Knife In My Back" because I am truly a realistic sarcastic asshole! Sit down too long it hurts when I stand. Stand up too long it starts hurting and I have to sit back down again. Just took a few more sodium naproxens. My back is worse today than yesterday. But I did manage to get some mixing done. The song still needs some shakers and crinkling noises to backup the beat.

8/21/2017 --- Very bad night working with Ableton Live. They have this static glitch in their software that crops up when you use lots of chorus or delays on the tracks. There is some sort of feedback loop that develops on repeated listens that results eventually in hearing a lot of static. Doubly compounded if you attempt to use the warp editor to warp clips while it's happening! All you can do is shut it down and restart it. So I've been doing that every forty minutes or so all night long. I've got the meat and potatoes of the song down but something in the details is lacking in the mix. There's still some shakers and crinkle noises I want to add in too. My back is about 50% better. After about ten hours working the song I saved it and shut it down. Shower, watch the eclipse with my special glasses, and visit my mom are next on my to-do list.

8/20/2017 --- (language alert, language alert) Felt good enough to begin mixing the song again. Hadn't heard the song for two days and immediately I noticed something was off with the volume levels and the panning. Some FUCKFACE ASSHOLE, you know who you are, tampered with the volume levels on the back of my KRK rockit 8's. Messing with a musician's studio monitors is akin to fucking another man's wife and sending him the porno tape on his birthday. NEVER mess with another musician's studio monitors. No wonder I've been using the headphones so much!

I reset both monitors and kept at it but had to finally quit this morning when my back began acting up again. I have to keep busy until two p.m. or so. I'm reseting my body clock as well so that I'll be able to watch the solar eclipse on monday.

8/17/2017 --- It started with youtube. I found these unreleased demos of Van Halen; from like 1976-1977? Listening to them really made me sit up and pay notice - because the difference between the rough demos and the finished product is all in the mix and the production. I could instantly understand what the producer/mixing engineer had to do to whip these rough gems into classics. And with that, even though I didn't want to do anthing in Ableton Live... I changed my mind and opened my latest song. My song is in the key of A# major so I grabbed my guitar and recorded the chords in that scale. I then went chord by chord double checking the tuning electronically. Then I isolated each chord and cut them up. After that I opened the warp editor and made sure every cut mark was EXACTLY on a null of the waveform so there won't be any popping sounds with my samples. I intend to heavily Trent Reznor this new song NIN-style on the guitars; which is what I do. You'll never catch me performing on stage! I am a studio cat 100% and that's the way I like it baby!

If this were an ordinary day I would continue working up the song but unfortunately KEN is hard down. I pulled a back muscle when I grabbed my guitar off the wall. Hurt's like a ^&*(%$!!! and that is all for today. Beers, then back to bed when my HOUSE OF PAIN is a disappearing memory.

8/16/2017 --- Just had a major accident occur in Ableton Live. I save along the way but luckily, yes LUCKILY, I had not saved this time. In resampling tracks I mistakenly recorded the wrong track and then erased the master of that track and had done too many operations to undo. So I closed without saving and reopened and luckily I was only a bit behind but I do indeed have to remix the guitar tracks and that is going to be... tricky. To take the edge off the stress I shut down and watched Scarlett Johansson in the movie Ghost in the Shell. I don't give two shits whether she is Asian or not or about any sort of "robotic racism." You nerds complaining about that are missing a GREAT movie. I'm going to be watching this one again and again and again. It reminds me of... heaven, although I greatly love my own particular timeline.

So I got the basic guitar tracks down. I may have to NOT work tomorrow. When you work long hours on music you develop a dangerous sort of ear hypnosis. Your ear is telling it's "a great song Ken!" But that is just because you've burnt it into your neural network. Everyone else hears crap. So tomorrow my work is to NOT work but instead clean my house, listen to other musicians, maybe read a book, and let my ears come back to normal. That's IF I can stop myself. Ableton Live is soooooooo addictive!!!

8/15/2017 --- Got some tedious work done on "Miles" last night and tonight since tonight is actually the continuation of last night. I've been awake for about 30 hours straight. My feet are swollen so I know I pushed it too far. Recording music is so addictive when you really get into it. Since the heart attack and packemaker my heart only beats at 30% efficiency and when it's had too much it makes my feet look like balloons. I'm hoping yesterday's coffee wears off soon. I'm charging up my ipad so I can sleep a good while and wake to more coffee. I have nothing to do tomorrow except lay down some lead guitar tracks.

8/11/2017 --- One of the things I do when I'm down and I need some inspiration is to change my state of mind. Tony Robbins reminded me / of what Carlos Castaneda learned / from the sorcerer Don Juan - who told his students to "wipe the table of the Tonal, wipe the table of the Nagual!" You have to change your state of mind. Which is why I decided to watch the FANTASTIC movie "Miles Ahead." And the minute that movie was over I turned on my recording system and got back into it. So... THANK YOU MILES DAVIS, wherever you are in spirit! And thank you Don Cheadle and supporting cast for bringing his soul to life.

Now the song I'm working on has the working title of "Miles" but that's not Miles Davis. I get my title from a song by The Cure in which Robert Smith sings "miles, and miles, and miles away from home again." I've previously done some work on this song and it turned into "A Song for Carolyn" because every time I hear that song it reminds me of her and how I completely fucked up. But taking a page from Michael Jackson I stole the front quarter of my own song, consolidated the tracks in Ableton Live, and then reversed them. I then used that as a background sort of scratch tape to layer other instruments upon. I used my ear and marked out the notes on the keyboard that belonged in the song. Using an online generator I discovered my song is in the key of A#major. And why it sounds sad in a major key?! Fuck if I know. All I know is my ear tells me when I have notes that shouldn't be there so I end up with a sad sounding A#major in 5/4 time type of song. The beer also helps with my state of mind. I don't run away from sadness. It takes me places where things need to be said. I also have no clue what the time signature means but my ear tells me it's better than 4/4 for this particular song. In my head I see couples dancing in reverse, (which would mean the woman is leading and the man is going backwards) back to a haunted house at 513 E. Congress Street to a time when I was young and in love with two different women.

8/08/2017 --- First of all, there's been a change on this page. The opening video for Paranormal Strangeness is now live. It's posted above. I have decided to end the Kickstarter project because no one seems to give two shits and most Kickstarter musicians are not raising enough money to do anything meaningful at all. I'm hoping Kickstarter is not becoming the next MySpace but it's entirely possible. I will continue to add songs to Paranormal Strangeness on Bandcamp and continue with my plan outlined in red type above. Click the Paranormal Strangeness video and enjoy. Purchase the download here.

7/31/2017 --- Jennifer Batten just announced her latest CD release on Twitter and Youtube so I can reveal to you now the fifth SECRET fingerboard design I created for her Neck Illusions series. Marc is a FANTASTIC singer with huge range and emotion and fits Jennifer's playing perfectly. I can't wait for the CD to be released! It is called BattleZone. They're not allowing you to embed the Youtube player yet but you can hear a teaser of what the CD sounds like HERE. Click the image below to see an enlargement of the fingerboard.

a custom fingerboard for guitarists

7/26/2017 --- This is my first keyboard design, for a 49 keyboard set from Keyboard Illusions, although this is not for sale at the moment. It's my own custom design that I'm going to put on my Axiom MIDI keyboard controller. There are also variations that go off the edges of what this shows for 61,76, and 88 keys. There is also a full set of a second design that I prefer to keep secret at this time. Click below to see details.

This is a 49 keyboard set design



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