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05/06/2018 --- I am working up a Kickstarter project. Click the upper left "Your Face Here" link for information and to leave constructive comments.

05/02/2018 --- Boxing up my radiation mask and the Red Death Cornuti mask I made from it to be sent off to Yordreem Productions. They are the company that recently kicked ass on John 5's latex masks and I believe they are behind the masks of heavy metal band Ghost. The owner Scott Blake is going to work up a very limited edition of masks for me and he will also be selling them on his website when they're done. No music today but I did work up a 3D model of a Jewel Case CD in preparation for a possible upcoming Kickstarter project.

04/30/2018 --- Here's how you die. You have a "small" snoring problem. It's really a bad case of sleep apnea but you ignore it because you never hear it yourself. As nights of adrenaline turn into months your heart, constantly stimulated, begins to swell and then pumps irregularly. Then you become extremely tired all the time so what do you do, you start eating more food to comfort you and drinking energy drinks and COFFEE!!! The weight piles on. One day you notice that your feet are swelling (your heart is having so much trouble pumping that it starts to give out and the blood begins pooling at the bottom of your feet. You are now prone to strokes but do not know it) COFFEE!!! COFFEE!!! COFFEE!! That seems to give you some more pep but it makes your heart swell even more until one day you bend over to pick up a bag of cat food and you have a full blown heart attack. Today I have a CPAP machine and my heart attack led to surgery to install a pacemaker/defibrillator and I must lose 50 more pounds. I was 48 when this happened to me. It is happening now to my sister (she is 48)... but she doesn't listen.

04/29/2018 --- Checked in with Discmakers to gather their latest prices on 500 CD's in jewel cases with mastering. It's roughly $2,300.00 and it offers no real price break. You get a break at a 1,000 units but for an unknown artist even 200 units is hard to give away for free. Artists and Musicians let me let you in on a secret... NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR MUSIC! No one. However, I am on a long tail business plan and I know who my REAL CUSTOMER is. Is the consumer listening to your music a real customer? No. That person was the big buyer in the old music business model. That person could give two shits about your music today and expects to download/steal it for free. This paragraph should therefore make you think and ponder WHO your real customer is - in this new age of music marketing. My purpose therefore, in buying 500 units, is Christmas gifts, creating a loss leader, and kicking off a limited edition of units that I can autograph and have no barcodes; a collector's item for a future when the plan I have kicks in. It is of course, going to turn my living room/junk room into a warehouse for a few years. I think many artists have done this. Check out Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters saying he still has a huge block of 100,000 CD's sitting in his warehouse gathering dust.

04/28/2018 --- Tonight's recording session went as smoooooooth as a space satellite cruising unseen through the dark night. Read my previous diary entries to understand what the song is about and what all went into its creation. Before recording I checked my bass fretboard chart to make sure all my notes would be in the G Dorian mode. I tuned the bass and set volume levels then hit record and got everything I needed in one take! As usual I chopped that bassline up like dead alien flesh! This is my very first Science Fiction song and in my head it brings back all those sci-fi space movies and television shows from the late 60's and early 70's. I remember watching hours of this television series set on the moon but I can't remember the name of the show. This song reminds me of that. The final name of the song is, "No one knows what happened: Saturn Station 13." It is song 34 and replaces a song on Paranormal Strangeness that just didn't make the cut. With this song, Paranormal Strangeness is DONE! All the art, graphic design, merchandise, and music are fully completed and stored on extra hard drives.

At this point most artists would promote the heck out of this, start a tour, and go full blast. No!!!!!!! I have a five year plan and I'm sticking to the plan to stay under the radar, for the most part, until EVERY ELEMENT of the plan is in place. I am doing this because I see my future hitting a junction spot in which I have all the goods and certain companies will be riding a wave, that currently does not exist, and I intend to supply them with much more than other artists will be able to deliver. I'll be "Delivering the Goods!" Later tonight I intend to celebrate the completion of my first CD with my sister and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. I'm going to see Judas Priest/Saxon/Black Star Riders in concert in Dallas, TX at The Bomb Factory! I go back into the recording studio May 1 and begin work on the next CD. Now is my time of burning.

04/26/2018 --- All I have left in my latest song (number 34) is to add a bassline to the intro and tighten up the mix. I got a real cool space sound playing around with detuning just a few elements here and there and adding some reverb. I reused some background audio I have of sounds that NASA picked up when their satellite flew past Saturn (very creepy audio). It was going to be a song about space station nine but I included NASA Houston audio and they mentioned the number thirteen. So "No one knows what happened: Saturn Station 13." is the current working title. It gives the listener a mysterious framework to create a mental story around. Was it aliens? Did they get the anal probe before vanishing into, what? Another dimension? A crash on Saturn? Vaporized? I wish I knew what happened, unfortunately I just pull these things out of the ether and place them in your timeline.

04/23/2018 --- Forced to stop music today. I spent about 8 hours yesterday working on a song using my headphones to mix and my right ear started hurting. I guess I had the sound up too loud and went at it for too long. So today I stayed off of Ableton Live and binge-watched a lot of Enchroma videos on youtube.

04/22/2018 --- I have a small news development. Click the "YOUR FACE HERE" above left to read about it.

04/20/2018 --- I have a one minute ending in G Dorian. After working on it for five hours I have to switch gears and give my brain a break. Instead of chopped guitar lines I have chopped piano. Knowing how a song ends allows you to create the beginning as something NOT like the ending. My song has lots of piano at the end so I'm thinking I should start with just bass and drums in a different chord progression, switch to guitars in the middle that then merges into my ending. Songs are like puzzles, if you have one piece you can usually extrapolate the whole song. My opinion.

04/13/2018 --- I watched and listened to this whole video and left a comment. I did not hear ONE PERSON in the video get it right or come out and talk about what I know. What is "getting it right?" Getting it right is knowing who your customer is and who is NOT your customer. Who will YOU, the artist and the musician, serve if you want to survive and prosper? (this is not a religious question so the answer has nothing to do with "god" or "satan.") I'm going to give you a major clue about the new business model that is coming. Pay attention. As an artist and a musician, who is my customer? I'll tell you who my customer is NOT and with that out of your head you may, or may not, figure out the correct answer. My customer is NOT... the person who listens to my music or wants to buy my art to hang on their wall.

Know your customer.

04/12/2018 --- Had a moment yesterday. Had just seen my doctor at the VA, got my monthly somatuline depot. I had to do bloodwork so I was fasting. After everything I made my way to Taco Bell. Got my order, pulled over to the parking lot and dove in. One bite. Something went wrong and suddenly I'm choking to death, can't breathe AT ALL! I leaned out the door of my car and leaned over and violently shook my head and upper body. Got a tiny whiff of air in and used that to don and clear the windpipe. Nine, Eight, Seven Six lives baby!!! My endocrinologist last week said my blood sugar was pretty high and they mailed me a new diabetes stick kit. I stuck myself and was shocked to see 290 pop up. After drastic action I stuck myself tonight and I'm so glad to see it coming down, 143.

After all the shit I've gone through I'm slowing down for a few days to take inventory, meditate, feel grateful for all the good, and spend some time on youtube with those who made mistakes in rock n' roll, Robin Crosby, Bon Scott, Amy Winehouse and such. They took their life for granted. That's not for me. I don't want to go out like the last 30 seconds of John 5's song Denouement.

04/10/2018 --- Everything is being swept clean. Today I will do the dreaded. Tax forms for Plague of Smiles LLC! Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and I finish all my laundry and clean house. Then from that point until the 27th my schedule is clear to record a new song. I have something going on for the 28th. On the first I will mail off my Cornuti mask order to Yordreems Productions and at that point EVERYTHING in my life is freed up and cleared allowing me to really dig in and focus on music. It's a good feeling knowing that ALL of the graphic design for the next 13 CD's has been finalized. This is the principle of IMPECCABILITY in action. When you make yourself impeccable then you allow a breeding ground for synchronicity to have a higher chance of occurance. You must have unbreakable WILL and INTENT to accomplish this maneuver of manifestation.

04/7/2018 --- I couldn't go anywhere. My car's battery died on me. While waiting for my brother Mike and the weekend I got busy and began converting all my digipaks into 8 panel Jewel cases. Do YOU know where your musical career is going in the future? I don't know about you but I'm planning 13 CD releases into the future and to complete 333 oil paintings. You would think this goal would be newsworthy but all that fills the headlines is how kids today are eating Tide pods and snorting condoms through their nose. There's a career in that? No one told me. Bob, where's my memo? I'm pissed.

04/5/2018 --- Music is taking a backseat this month for artistic revision. I am taking all the digipak designs I worked up and redoing each and every one as a Jewel Case. I have so far done the first two CD's and four of the VOLUMES. Five more volumes to go. In other news my car is toast. The battery keeps dying on me requiring a jump start. This $$$ suck may impact my ability to go to the upcoming Judas Priest/Saxon/Black Star Riders show in Dallas later this month. Got my fingers crossed!

04/1/2018 --- Just got some FANTASTIC news. When I was at John 5's concert I was Cornuti Mask photolucky enough to snag one of the VIP Limited edition John 5 latex masks. It was created by Yordreem Creations. So I contacted the owner Scott Blake and asked about doing a commission for my Red Death Cornuti mask (at left) and I am going to be creating a very limited edition run of this heavy metal masterpiece!!! I originally created this by using my gamma radiation mask (to treat a brain tumor I had) as the basis for a paper mache mask. Scott is going to be able to take that same radiation mask and use it to sculpt a new Red Death mask in beautiful long-lasting latex rubber. His sculpting prowess is far and above the clumsy sculpting skills I possess. The project is so cool I may decide to take Paranormal Strangeness and this mask and launch a Kickstarter this fall to promote the launch of the CD.

04/1/2018 --- I put music on hold last night to travel to Dallas, TX to see John 5 and The Creatures perform at Trees nightclub. Eddie Trunk from That Metal Show introduced the show. I really LOVED the opening band, Rivethead. John's show and performance was FACE-MELTING!!! Tonight I rest, tomorrow is clean up and laundry.

03/29/2018 --- Hardly EVER is there a straight line in art or music in terms of how things play out. Case in point, the entry below for 3/27/18, that I spent HOURS of work on, is now trash. I love digipaks. I discovered that my opinion however, is wrong. It is wrong because I have heard the outcry from collectors and THEY LOVE the jewel case. So when you're wrong you need to change that shit. What's really, really AWESOME though is in the long process of working up a new design for the jewel case, I took the project to a whole new level. Anytime the universe forces you to change you need to take that as a CHALLENGE! Don't bitch. Don't hold on and argue. Change that shit and use the opportunity to go beyond the level of talent you previously set.

As for showing you the new work... noooooo. It's so kick-ass I'm keeping it as a surprise for the faithful. I'm absolutely giddy over it!!!

03/27/2018 --- I finalized the artwork today for The Bleeding Cut digipak... IF there is a bleeding cut digipak, which I'm hoping there is because the artwork is BADASS! If I stick to my schedule I'll have that finished by the end of May. I have to create 7 more songs that absolutely slay! I would like to finalize the artwork for my 1st CD Digipak design but I need 17 more happy faces.

YOURS could be one of them. Click this text link!

small example

03/26/2018 --- Today I clean up, do laundry, and sort out my Paranormal Strangeness file. I will ensure that file is complete, backed up on two other hard drives, and ready to output. I'm doing this because that is A WRAP on Paranormal Strangeness, my first CD. It's in the can as they say.

03/25/2018 --- I finished my 33rd song. The final title for it is "Bubble and Burn 33." As previously stated, it has replaced Ruthless Shadow People on my CD and with that I formerly CLOSE Paranormal Strangeness. All that's left now is to produce the CD (and the deck of cards). This song is the very first that I have written in G Dorian. Listen, share, and enjoy.

03/24/2017 --- Happy accidents happen. They do. Still, there are times when note by note by note is the only way progress will occur. My experiment in G Dorian is so far a huge success! I found a bass synth in Ableton that is happily supplying all my bounce and funk needs for this particular song and I am freakin' loving it! A glitch occured during the recording of the guitar and I lost a near perfect guitar track but came up with something else that was just as good, if not better! As I finished the song a string popped out of the Floyd Rose so that was it for recording for the night. The song is burnt into my head I played it so many times so I'm going to have to chill out for awhile and listen to the new Judas Priest CD to clear my mental pathways. I probably need to go find another person and let them hear this so I can get some feedback. The Song is entitled "Bounce and Burn 33" and it's definitely going to replace "Ruthless Shadow People" on the Paranormal Strangeness CD.

03/23/2017 --- I'm up early. Later today I will open up Ableton Live and write my chords for G Dorian down in MIDI with my favorite piano and arrange a chord progression. When that is complete I will be able to figure out what my bass and guitar scales are going to be. I discovered by playing along with some youtube backing tracks that my ear alone is entirely accurate in picking out the correct scale to play over things in G dorian. I don't know what I'm playing when I play but if I hit a clunker my ear tells me so. That's good information for me to know but it's not good enough. I will indeed have to plot out the notes and actually learn the scale. I will not of course remember it, but at least THIS song will be as accurate as I want it to be. I tend to learn vast amounts of information for whatever current project I'm working on and dump the information later to make room in my head for what is needed at the time. Though I may be producing genius, I am not a musical genius. I am more like a natural autistic idiot musician. I can compose and play things but ask me what I just did and I can't tell you!? I don't have a clue!

03/22/2017 LATER IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD AS THE PREVIOUS DIARY ENTRY --- Got an early start on the next song. I heard Rick Beato playing in G Dorian and it sounded cool as the breeze baby. Now I don't know dick about what note is what so I prefer to start all the way at the bottom and work my way up. I start with the G major scale: G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G. The Dorian mode is achieved by flatting the 3rd and the 7th. That gives you G Dorian: G, A, B♭, C, D, E, F, G.

Then I went ahead and worked out which chords I could build upon from that mode. Opening up a piano sound in Ableton Live I played around for a bit. At first it was lots of fun but then I came to the realization that this music theory stuff has a SERIOUS drawback. And that drawback is this... once you have everything figured out it becomes a challenge to keep from being bored out of your skull. I'm pretty certain my family and close friends would believe I've become a creative musical genius. That is not the reality. The reality for me is that learning music theory reduces the fun of making music down to the same excitement level that I get when I finish a math problem or work out a crossword puzzle.

For performing musicians such as Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, who both know music theory very well, they would continually find the FUN FACTOR by pushing what they can do in terms of meticulous performance, skill of execution, and finding the musical puzzle piece that has the potential to become a hit. That doesn't work for me because with acromegaly I will never be a performer who has to execute live and the type of music I'm currently interested in composing is NOT pop/rock songs designed to suck in money and sell units. I'm more interested in making music based on how it makes you feel and now that has been taken away from me because the theory erodes the exciting feelings I previously got from making interesting music.

For non-musicians, about the only way I can explain this to you is imagine you fell in love with a beautiful woman across the street. Then one day you discover that she's not human. She's just a robot programmed by Facebook's mathematical algorithms to mimic love and appeal to your specific personality! In fact, the hairy old disgusting man that programmed her has been calling you an idiot and laughing at you for months behind your back. Word is, you're the fool of the town. How do you FEEL about her now? The cool breeze she previously brought into your life has gone stale real fast. Someone wiser than me once said the following...

"Once you see the truth you can never go back to the lie."

The sun is coming up soon. I go to sleep sad as a vampire; faking a smile to hide the fangs and melancholy, with thoughts of dead cats and burning babies dancing in my head.

03/22/2017 --- I got some drums down and then got a call from my housemate Savanna to come and pick her up. When I left I heard a thump, thump so I backed up. Heard the thump, thump again and it was not a flat tire. Cat. I didn't see the cat so I'm thinking it may have been hiding in my engine? When we returned we ran over it a number of times just to positively make sure it was dead and not suffering. I added "Lights Out Number Nine" to my list of song titles. After that I opened up Ableton Live and finished one of the darkest songs I have ever written. It features the sound a laughing baby (slowed down to become downright creepy) and a laughing/crying/insane woman. And just when you're able to get into the groove of the music - it slaps the shit out of you at 2:48 into the song like a certain explosion I remember. From there it's all death, destruction, and burning babies. Considering the song was written about all the ruthless shady FBI/ATF murderers at Waco in 93... The song is called "Ruthless Shadow People." It is number 32.

(Do I believe, based on FACTS, that the US government murdered their own that day? Absolutely. Like it or leave it, that's my expert opinion based on the FLIR data. And though the world will listen to Paranormal Strangeness and believe the song is about something paranormal you and I will know the truth because you've read this diary. We know who the REAL shadow people are, those that hide in plain sight, coverup government crimes, and on rare occasions... wear badges.)

UPDATE 3/25/18 --- The following song was pulled. So it will not play. I'm taking it back into the studio for some drum work. Sorry.

03/20/2017 --- Yesterday, before say... nine at night???, I opened up Ableton Live. Just for a listen, that's all. It's eight hours later and the sun is going to come up soon. Guitars and bass are done. Most of the hard guesswork of the drums is done too. I'm going to be a vampire today and sleep in until dark. Then I'm sinking my teeth into those drums.

03/19/2017 --- Today's endocrinology appointment at the VA went well. My IGF-1 is almost in the normal category 8 years after the gamma knife surgery. I've been singing since I got back (songs by Sixx A.M. off their first CD) and working on blueprints for a new Art/Music studio. After all the episodes I've seen of MTV Cribs or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous I will surely disappoint. I've designed the place with security, utility, and safety in mind. One of the thing's I've learned from Tony Robbins is that you have to know the OUTCOME of a project before you start. Plans should be sketched out in detail to better ensure success. They force you to cut the crap and commit to ACTION.

03/18/2017 --- Tightened up the latest song yesterday. Right before The Walking Dead I had enough time to drop in a bass line. I have business to attend to tomorrow but after that is done I should have enough time to work on the drums. I REAAAAALLY, really, really need a copyrightable sound clip of a baby laughing. I just need it!

03/15/2017 --- For an entire day my website was down. I'm using Host Excellence and they were recently acquired by another company. When the site came back up my white page design would not work so I ran with an all black home page but I didn't like it. Tried and tried and could NOT get the white page to work so tonight I redesigned the page so that it has a black background and If it's gotta be black/nighttime then I decided to set my above logo on fire! White and black, Horus and Set, the best of both worlds. Now... I kinda like it.

03/13/2017 --- I believe that I am lucky to still be alive. I've been taking this heart medicine for about three years now since my heart attack. I do occasionally drink. After spending all night recording, at the end of MY day, I had ONE SINGLE hard drink of whiskey and I think I had it too close to taking my meds. I think I had a sudden drop in blood pressure. My housemate found me shaking on the floor, sweaty, pale, almost ready to puke and near the point of passing out. I couldn't seem to breathe and had to lay down on my back and put my feet up in a chair for about an hour. I had a good steady pulse and I know my veins aren't clogged because I had a recent test and they're clean as a whistle, no plaque build up. I'm going to finish this post and I'm calling it quits for the day. Not pushing the music tonight. I'm taking a step backward to get a good night of rest and push forward later when I'm back in the flow.

03/12/2017 --- I have a beginning. The middle is a mess, but is recorded. I have an ending. I have acromegaly so I have HUGE hands. For the ending I slammed my huge hand down on the bass side of my keyboard. Then I went back into those notes and removed all of them that were NOT in the double harmonic scale in the key of E. What is left is a chord with many notes that cannot be played in reality - SO YOU'VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD THIS SOUND before in your life! I added a melody line over it in which I simply played the scale ascending and falling back and ascending again as the piano fades. Once I added reverb I knew that I had my ending.

I will tackle the middle tomorrow by creating a grid/beat and paint the notes onto that grid by hand. Once I have that then I'll be ready to add more layers of sound, instruments, and audio lines. The song is the last I am going to add to Paranormal Strangeness. The title of the song has changed from 'Shadow People' to 'Ruthless Shadow People.' I got into a conversation on Twitter about how the evidence shows that the FBI murdered the Branch Davidians at Waco in 1993 and it was covered up. The guy I was talking to referred to the unknown people behind the scenes of power as "Ruthless Shadow People." Synchronicity my friend! When it throws you a golden ticket... grab it!

UPDATE: It is much past midnight, into the morning, and I am on the downslide. I did not take a break. I kept at it all night. I burned through all of my dopamine and I am fragile glass. But... I got the job done and now it's all apple infused whiskey and sprite. The song is ready for guitar and bass. And that is all for now because I'm going to have to post this before emotions and alcohol cloud my mind and produce massive typos. Gotta do what you gotta do kiddos!!!

02/27/2017 --- Finally got some traction on a new song. Moved only a few markers around on my keyboard and it was set for playing the Double Harmonic Scale in the key of E. You start with the E major scale (E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, D#) and flat the 2nd and the 6th and you end up with E, F, G#, A, B, C, and E♭. I'm returning to the Double Harmonic Scale because I really like the utter darkness of it. I've done a few songs in the key of C and I want to keep all the songs in the Double Harmonic Major, just shift to other keys to give it some variety. When I wrote out my chords however, I couldn't find anything that fit for the V (a B chord) or vii (a C minor chord) but I'm thinking this scale in this key is naturally set up to handle wild fast runs and arpeggiated phrases while simply hinting at chords in passing? I created an opening phrase and that is that for today!

02/18/2017 --- Sunday clean up day and watch movies. I have reached 250 and I am on to the next goal of 245. I want those new hips!

02/17/2017 --- I am in soooo much freakin' trouble!!! It's a Friday. I was drinking apple infused whiskey and Sprite. My house-mate suggested we go out for McDonald's so I made her drive. She hadn't been drinking. We got the cookies and then she took a right instead of a left. So we ended up in front of the gas station/convenience store where there were 2 cop cars parked. She got out and went in to get some milk for her cookies. They arrested her for a warrant. I couldn't drive so I was driven home. But women ALWAYS win arguments. I think I am soooo fucked. When the cop drove me home I had some more whiskey and decided to open Ableton Live and write out a beat because I have to somehow come out with a win for the night. At random I chose some drums and by golly we have a beat that I will expand upon tomorrow. It fucking rocks! Savanna is in jail. Can't do nothing about that.

02/15/2017 --- Nikki's Flying Knife is finished. It is a sort of homage to one of my favorite musicians (I am not flipping Nikki the bird - that's just art people). I posted the story of the song on the Bandcamp page for those who are interested. I will say though that the beat was partially created by sampling and chopping the sounds of my arthritic shoulder (CREPITUS is the medical term) as it shreds away what is left of my cartilage. That opening sound of static... It's NOT static!!! Share and Enjoy!

UPDATE 4/28/18 --- The following song was pulled. So it will not play. I'm taking it back into the studio for some remastering. Sorry.

02/12/2017 --- Stepping backwards today to fully focus on reading and absorbing Gary Vaynerchuk's new book "Crushing It." I'm reading the book to see if there are any golden nuggets I can apply. I am about a hundred pages in. So far, the book would be AWESOME for someone in their late teens or early twenties. For people in their 50's... not so much. :)

Both me and my housemate Savanna have been seeing what I can only describe as a "shadow person" outside the house peeking in the windows. I had thought it was from the haunted house of "slippage" next door but then Savanna asked me about the lady on the other side of us. She believes that she died because she saw a lot of people and they were selling everything in an estate sale. Also, her dog is no longer outside. I'm thinking that's our shadow person. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm no psychic. That's my best guess.

02/11/2017 --- Put in some great work on the song tonight. Added some high frequency sounds and worked on some of the mix and panning. To finish it I'll have to get some vocal samples from Savanna, add some lead electric guitar, and seriously tighten the mix and the panning to absolute perfection. For the record, I have definitely FOUND my piano sound in Ableton Live out of all the ones they had to chose from. I am sooooo glad no one ever taught me to play piano because when it comes to playing and composing and form... I break some major rules and come up with some sounds that formally taught players never get because they're always thinking "in the box" of what they were initially taught.

02/09/2017 --- In looking through my list of song titles and hearing the song in my head I am reminded of a rock star that I take inspiration from in his wild spirit and dedication to his music. This dude is frequently on fire (metaphorically and literally) can play both keyboards and bass and is full of great character and stories. I carry a knife. He carries a knife. This dude seriously hurt his shoulder. My shoulder is now injured. And back in the day when he was working on his 2nd CD he wrote a song and something paranormal happened that was witnessed by several people. I've seen this guy in concert twice with his old band. I missed the tour before last but I did manage to see it on DVD and he did a fire/bass/keyboard/electronica solo that was legendary. So when I get my homage in perfect order it's going to become "Nikki's Flying Knife." The rock star in question is Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue and his paranormal story is in a naaaaaasty little book called The Dirt!

The song will hopefully be posted within the week and I haven't jumped ship to heavy metal. I'm still working and loving the genre of Electronica!

02/08/2017 --- The music that I create is called Electronica or "Chop." Back in October I entered Serj Tankian's 7 note challenge for a chance to win free promotion and $ 5,000.00. Serj decided to take the best entries and promote them. The winner has yet to be announced but I was among those chosen in the ELECTRONIC category. There are so many cool songs, in many diverse styles, and LOTS of talent. Listen for yourself and share the ones you love on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. https://www.7notesexperiment.com/

02/05/2017 --- I began a bit after midnight but once I got started I rolled all the way to dawn on the new song. It has the studio name of "Crunchtastic" because the song's beat has been created by the crunchy sound of my decaying arthritic shoulder. The creaking was lound enough for me to capture it with a handheld Zoom recorder. The song is VERY rough right now but I can already hear where I want it to go. I want this dark and mysterious as I may rename it and put it on Paranormal Strangeness. If you know HOW the song was created it may not settle well when listening because it's so painful - just hearing the utter destruction of the shoulder's cartilage and knowing how much pain the future will hold when it becomes pure bone on bone.

02/03/2017 --- I went back a few steps today. I worked up a 22 fret design for J and that was really my only productive accomplishment. My 2nd experiment in using piezo microphones to capture internal bone on bone (crepitus) sounds failed. Too much noise, not enough isolation. I wasted a lot of time and I'm going to stick with my original audio source, an amplified Zoom microphone sound.

Music went to the backburner, as I decided to work on some guitar repairs for a friend of mine. When the bridge pins, the bone saddle, and strings come in I'll tune it up and it'll make a nice beginner's guitar (it's an old Japanese made acoustic Decca). Cleaning up the guitar gave me plenty of time to relax and watch some youtube on the FISA memo controversy. Comey, McCain, Rosenstein, and McCabe are guilty of the crime of SEDITION, and yes, I looked up the law. Absolutely DISHONORABLE and criminal activity. Hope they send all of them to "bang-you-up-the-ass" prison.

02/02/2017 --- Got in a fantastic guitar workout yesterday to toughen up my calluses in preparation for a week of recording. J from J's Tacos and Guitars just posted a video highlighting the custom fingerboard I completed for him so I feel really honored. If you are a guitarist I cannot praise Neck Illusions highly enough. If they're good enough for Steve Vai and Jennifer Batten then they're good enough for you! It should probably be stated that I only work with select clients and I do all my work pro bono. I am not an employee of Neck Illusion. I'm just a guy who does really great graphic design - really fucking fast (I was trained at SCAD and I used to work in advertising).

01/27/2017 --- Knocked out some secret graphic design for a celebrity client and it looks BADASS if I do say so myself! It IS secret at this point in time sooooo......

01/26/2017 --- Knocked out the video project for my nephew. His eyes lit up! Tomorrow I start fresh on a new secret graphic design project I'm doing for a celebrity client. It's a development deal so I can't say anthing more but it's going to burn a few days. Love that burn! I also got some very important news - which also must be kept secret - but it put a pretty big sized smile on my face. Secrets, like your honor or your word, must be kept!

UPDATE: Christian got an A+ on his math project!

01/25/2017 --- Today and tomorrow I feel what ALL parents throughout time have at one time felt. In my capacity as Uncle Ken my brother Mike sprung this "challenge" on me today. I have two days to whip up a video for my nephew's math project that uses his story and vocals. It's going to be awesome! Other than that I have some news from a recent client. Around the first three days of this year I completed a Neck Illusions fingerboard for J's Taco's and Guitars; a Youtube channel. I shot the design over to J and now he's highlighting the design on his channel and Twitter, so that's really cool. Please send some love over to J by checking out his channel and subscribing! And while you're at it, show some love for Neck Illusions. They are currently highlighting the designs I completed for world-famous guitarist Jennifer Batten. I always have a great feeling when I can make someone's day with art or music.

01/21/2017 --- Kind of impossible to work today. My hip is hurting like someone hit me with a baseball bat AND... one of my guitar heroes - Vinnie Vincent emerged from hiding after 22 years missing in action! He's out of shape and old at 65 and from appearances is a transgender in transition??? None of the reporters at the event had the balls to breach the question but he did hint at a lot of "ugliness and hate" with people. I don't give a shit about all that. All I care is that Vinnie is alive and happy! It is soooooo awesome that he is back.

01/20/2017 --- Tom Petty's autopsy results were posted and it sort of hits home. He died of a heart attack resulting from an overdose of prescription medications he was taking for a fractured hip. Fentanyl. Same as Prince basically. My own situation - I am an acromegaly survivor and the disorder has given me extreme arthritis in my hips, knees, and back. I no longer have cartilage in my joints. They are bone on bone with bone spurs and deformities developing. I myself have had a few hip fractures, which I got through by staying off my feet for a few weeks. So I know exactly how much pain Tom Petty was going through. There is however, a difference. I live in poverty. Tom and Prince were both rich celebrities who could get anything they wanted and they wanted pain killers. If you mask the pain it allows you to keep going - for a price. The price these two paid was with their lives.

I am currently working on a song, related to the above. I've recorded the sounds of my own shoulder as it shreds what's left of the cartilage and gives off these very audible and disturbing creaking sounds (Crepitis). The song takes that pain and turns it into a beat that will become a foundation for more layers of sound. My weight is dropping into the 250's. I have to get more off so my BMI will drop. I have to be able to maintain that weight permanently! When that happens the VA will approve double hip replacement surgery. I am a young guy, only 51, and I'm aware that these new joints only have a limited lifespan before they deteriorate. There is no masking of pain for me. There is no hiding it away with pills and patches. Chronic pain is my life. Sad as that may be, I will at least have my life. Considering what Prince and Tom Petty went through if there is a section in heaven reserved for "BADASSES" then these two surely deserve to be there! May all their pain be gone.

Tom Petty - Oct. 20, 1950 to Oct. 2, 2017
Prince - June 7, 1958 to April 21, 2016

01/19/2017 --- Got up yesterday at 4:00 a.m. and spent all day at the hospital for Savanna, a friend of mine who was having a 2nd operation on her knee. Everything went well. During the long wait I took a clipboard, blank paper, and a pen. I was able to dream up 100 ideas for oil paintings and the Augmented Reality data to go with each idea. One of the reasons I believe I will be successful is that I spend my time wisely. Even idle time can be something for you if you want to make it something. Right now I'm drinking chamomile/peppermint tea and listening to Metallica live on the Hardwired tour. Later tonight I intend to open up Ableton Live and see if I can get some traction on song 31.

In business knowledge I am contemplating the new upcoming AR/MR explosion and looking ahead I see a massive trap for musicians and artists. Most artists and musicians release product, heavily tour for that product, and then move on to the next product release. What that means is that their "fuel tank" is only being filled up with a tenth of "gas" each time and touring and exposure "empty" that tank. Yes, I am speaking metaphorically! So when it comes time for AR/MR to "explode" upon the scene and tech companies are looking around for talent, most everyone is going to be riding on empty. This puts all artists and musicians on the WEAK END OF THE STICK where contract negotiations arise. You cannot "bring it" or "set the world on fire" when your tank is E. The contract comes out and guess what? You get fucked!

"You better move bitch. My Fuck Tank's on E!" --- Kid Rock from the song Greatest Show on Earth from the album Sweet Southern Sugar.

On the other hand, if an artist is ALSO a musician and both tanks are full, and you have a "map," a business plan, of where to go and how profits can payout... YOU own the STRONG END OF THE STICK! You would not be at the mercy of the AR/MR people. You'd be the one who rolls up on the street and offers them a ride. "Get in Jack, we're heading for billionaire street! We don't want to keep Bill Gates waiting cause he's waiting for our vehicle to move his ass down the road. We're fueled, we're ready to go anywhere, but... he ain't riding for free!"

"Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire! OOH!" --- Metallica from the song FUEL.

01/17/2017 --- Let's talk Augmented Reality, yes? As you can see from the above ( the goals at the top of the page), in 5 years I should be on target to accomplish my art and music goals. At the rate I am seeing tech improve I believe that in 5 years time a few common things will be obsolete. Smart phones, monitors, big screen televisions, stereos, are going to be as useful as a rotary phone from the 1960's is today. Videos, Youtube, Hollywood, and Gaming will drastically change and much of what exists today will become second class or worthless. They're going to be replaced by augmented reality smart eyeglasses and a wireless storage device small enough to fit in your pocket.

I created a basic plan when I was homeless in the year 2000. In 2010, while doing backbreaking work for a railroad company (wiring electronics for GRS/Vossloh), I added oil painting to my plan. By 2017 I had invested my money wisely and my art/music/3D modeling/animation studio was complete and off I go. I began recording music, painting oil paintings, creating art, and putting my mind into action. Today, in 2018 I have added Augmented Reality into my plans and I intend to catch a long range pass five years from now and score. The target year I see is 2025 when my plans and goals and the hard assets I will have created intersect with consumer desire and demand for a creative who can also deliver Augmented Reality content.

Going from the year 2000 to the year 2025 to become what will seem to be an overnight success. I have a vision in mind with AR/VR/MR and my art, music, and modeling that no artist to date has accomplished. Anytime an artist begins spewing business information it comes across as so much verbal diarrhea.

WARNING: I am going to spew!

Ahem... in my inner vision I see a way to deliver an $80.00 product (that NO ONE else can deliver) to 60,000,000 people without crossing into mediocrity. And I guess for people in the future - looking back - that would make this diary entry a vital clue that few saw coming. I am not bragging. As I learned from Tony Robbins, I believe in putting down your plans in writing because it forces you to ACT upon your ideas and make good on your dreams.

01/15/2017 --- Bug be gone! Got in a "most excellent" guitar practice session and warmed up my vocal cords with singing. The flu didn't change anything. I still cannot hit those Queensryche high notes, but hey, I love my balls so there's that right?! I have a few really great calluses in the making after tonight. I've been thinking over all things AR/MR. Thinking tomorrow is a great day to get back into making music... and it's a new year soooo - I cut the page.

01/05/2017 --- This week doctors listened to my tale, ran tests, and turns out that I don't have strep throat. I have the flu. My coughing is so bad it is now giving me a pressure headache in the back of my head as if something's about to pop up there. The bag of frozen brussel sprouts in the fridge is coming in VERY handy. Drinking Gatorade and listening to Rick Beato's Preludes and Etudes Vol. 1. Even so, not all was lost today. I got in some bass practice by playing random Michael Jackson songs and attempting to figure out the bass lines. Give me a day or so and my room will be clean and all my "ducks in line" for the next project. No music in this first week of 2018 but I did finish a badass Neck Illusion for J's Taco's and Guitars Youtube channel.

12/31/2017 --- My niece made Christmas dinner. Turns out she had highly infectious Strep Throat. Guess what?! AMAZING, you must be a mind reader! Heat, chills, heat, chills, heat, chills, cough, cough, COUGH! Care to guess how my New Year's celebrations are going to go? (LOTS OF WHISKEY). I'm going to go in to the VA on Monday and see if I can get some anti-biotics. In other news, another spot on my CD is gone. Out of the 25 only 19 now remain. Click the link in the upper left hand corner of this page for details.



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