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My name is Ken D. Webber and I am the CEO of Plague of Smiles. At one time, waaaaaay back in the year 2000, I became homeless and lived in an outgrowth of woods at the base of a valley next to a road in Mission Valley, San Diego. Having been in the Marine Corps and having read all the books of Carlos Castaneda (and loved them all) I view life as a warrior. Therefore, homelessness was nothing but a challenge to overcome. Instead of being a victim I gathered my wits and spent my time gaining Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. I got a notebook and I began putting down my art and music ideas. One of the ideas that went down into my sketchbook was a line of signature guitars based upon the Kabbalah; The Jewish Tree of Life.

One of the oldest symbols on the planet is the Flower of Life design that can be traced all the way back to the Egyptians and the Abydos Temple. The Flower design is made from the Seed Design and inside the Flower is the Tree of Life Design. The original design of The Tree of Life was used much in the way that teachers today use Flash Cards. It was simply, a teaching aide. Some of the common uses were to teach mathematics, geometry, and language among other basic topics. It also has advanced uses which is something I will not get into on this page.

The Egyptians passed their knowledge to the Hebrew/Jews and as the Tree passed they began hanging their allegories, morality, psychology, and creation myth stories upon it. If you are unaware of your Sumerian, Canaanite, and Egyptian history then you do not realize the extent of the pious fraud committed by the Hebrew/Jewish priest class through PLAGIARISM. But once you are aware of what they did then you can remove all the mystic religious/superstitious mumbo-jumbo from the Tree and you're left with a Tree that has excellent uses for discernment, determining the human archtypes, as a tool for your own success, and understanding most any person's psychology - including your own. "Know thy Self."

TRUTH GuitarsI am a rare and strange Kabbalist, not like the Hollywood phonies and fakes. I use the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, but not with any religious dogma. My main uses are for personal psychology, insight, AND... to determine the personal psychology of people that I meet. That is discernment. It's very easy now for me to size up most anyone. Once I place you either on the Tree of Life or its opposite, the Tree of Death, I can see where you're going, what your true desires are, and potential roadblocks that exist in your future. I do not gleen this information from any sort of magic or wizardry. I gleen the information through common sense psychology. Once I have a particular person figured out then that helps me to know how that person fits into my life or if I should avoid them.

So back in the year 2000 the TRUTH Signature Line of guitars was created based upon the above mentioned knowledge. On the Tree of Life there are many paths which meet at points that are called "Sephiroth" also known as "globes of illumination." To master this information is a small part of what it means to be "illuminated." It has nothing to do with "selling your soul" or "devil worship" or "Luciferianism" or any such NONSENSE! The people who are selling you that line of cow manure are not illuminated and wouldn't know the difference between Kether and Malkuth or a hole in their abyss. They only know how to make smart-ass comments on youtube and social media, usually to sell their paranoia-filled books that are based upon foolish and ignorant speculation and nothing more. They are the "CHICKEN LITTLES" of the world and see "Satan" under every rock and falling from every dark cloud. Their "eye" is dark - so darkness and evil is all they see. It is sad and pathetic.

The neophyte starts at Malkuth, known in English as "Kingdom." A person in life who rises to Kether; "The Crown" and whose Black Guitartree is balanced stands a good shot at becoming a success in life. People on the other tree; The Tree of Death usually end up at the bottom of society. These people are mentally unstable, usually involved in criminal activities, stupid, and foolish. That's a Tree that I usually avoid at all costs because those who follow that Tree are NOT illuminated. The people frothing at the mouth and screaming, "Illuminati, Illuminati, Satan, Illuminati" on youtube are found on the Tree of Death. Their primary archtypal characteristic is IGNORANCE.

Paranormal StrangenessI'll simplify things for you and use English instead of Hebrew. Here's some questions for you. Be HONEST in answering them!

If you are good person, shouldn't your good efforts and merit be rewarded?
Isn't it better to base your life on a FOUNDATION of truth instead of lies?
When you work hard, don't you deserve a little bit of SPLENDOR?
Is achieving a VICTORY in your life important or is it better to be a perpetual loser?
When you're living a balanced life and you're in the flow isn't that a BEAUTIFUL thing?
Do you believe that there are times when you have to deal some "tough love" or be SEVERE with people who disrespect you?
Do you believe that there are times when someone you've met deserves a little compassion, a second chance, and some MERCY?
When the world seems to be against you and you're in a hurricane-like ABYSS do you believe you deserve to make it through the storm and that there IS a way out of the storm?
Would you say that you should have a full UNDERSTANDING of something before it is mastered?
Would you say that life presents situations in which WISDOM is a prerequisite for success?
And just as a King or Queen has a CROWN, don't you believe that IF you've mastered your field you should be recognized, respected, and should be able to hold a position of authority if you wanted to?

IF you answered YES or agreed with the above then YOU are currently on the Tree of Life. Notice that there's nothing EVIL in the above. No selling of souls. No bowing down to "Satan." No submitting to "Lucifer." No human sacrifices required! There is a lot of learning, a lot of humility, plenty of strength required but NO EVIL. Most all the information you're seeing from youtubers about the "Illuminati" is simply garbage and you'd find more truth in the squeals of dying pigs than you would their words.

Organized religions hate the Illuminated because we know they are guilty of pious fraud and spreading false religions.
Governments hate the Illuminated because stupid, foolish, and ignorant people are easier to control.
Big Business would prefer you stupid and ignorant because they need slave labor and they don't want competition.
Societies that keep secrets are hated because people FEAR what they do not UNDERSTAND.

The Sephiroth in English are: Kingdom, Foundation (of truth), Splendor, Victory, Beauty, Severity (Justice), Mercy, The Abyss (known as DAATH in Hebrew, it means Knowledge in English as that is the only way to cross an abyss), Understanding, Wisdom, and The Crown. The key to the Tree of Life is that the left side of the Tree should be balanced by the right side of the Tree. Where there is balance success follows and you will live a life of greatness. You will have a warrior's survivor attitude instead of a loser's victim/complaining attitude.

The Tree of Death is created by reversing the Sephiroth; The Slave, builds upon the WEAKNESS (of lies), Disgust, Defeat, Ugliness, Injustice, Cruelty, Ignorance, Stupidity, Foolishness, and The Blindfold. 99% of all the negative things you hear about the Illuminati come from the people on this tree.

The best way to HIDE SOMETHING, to OCCULT something (that is what the word occult means), is to put it out there in plain sight and let the UNDERSTANDING and the WISE discover it while the stupid and foolish pass it by. The Sephiroth are sometimes called "pearls" and the old saying, "Do not throw your pearls before swine" is fantastic advice.

Lightning 1Lightning 2Who is The ADVERSARY in your life? The Hebrew word for adversity is 'satan.' The greatest 'adversary' in your life is IGNORANCE. If you start at the bottom and connect all the Sephiroth to the top with a line you will have The Lightning Strike pattern that dispels ignorance when utilized.

lightning strike

"And I saw THE ADVERSARY fall like LIGHTNING from the heavens!" That's a very famous quote. It comes from the head of a secret society, The Order of Melchizedek. An "Order" is a secret society. The Order of Melchizedek is a precursor of modern day Freemasonry. They speak their truths, veiled in allegory and illustrated in symbols. They speak in dual meanings. One meaning is given to the world with the intent that it deceives you and leads you astray in a strong and powerful delusion comprised of ignorance. The other meaning is reserved for those who have been initiated into the secrets of The Order who respect Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. What I am getting at, is that contrary to what you hear on the Internet, illumination is not a bad or evil thing and that the person/character/prosopopoeia (whatever you may believe) who spoke the above quote was in fact... a Kabbalist!

Surprise, Surprise!

lightning strike

I have a final thing to say about those who are conspiracy-minded. I cannot count the number of times I have run into people on the Internet that claim to "expose" or "know" this or that group. One time in my youth, I WAS one of these people. I am glad I am no longer on that Tree. Here is an undeniable TRUTH: You cannot reveal secrets of a group of people if YOU are not a member of that group, correct? If YOU are not a Freemason then you cannot "expose" anything because you are outside their circle. You're not sitting at the table when they discuss what they decide in private. You're not going through their initiation rituals so you cannot claim to "know" what their rituals and symbols really mean. On your own you'll make erroneous assumptions. You'll misinterpret key elements. Your misinterpretation of their symbols will be an exercise in comedic absurdity and insanity. Your mind will run wild with speculation. And the 'Satan' that feeds your IGNORANCE by filling in the blanks with lies is the one you will find smiling back at you from your own mirror.

It comes down to this, if YOU are not a Rosicrucian then stop telling people you know their secrets!
If you are not a Freemason then stop lying to me about knowing what their symbols mean... because YOU DON'T KNOW!
If you are not Illuminati then you don't know anything about how the Illuminati operate or what they believe in.
And your constant slander of musicians and celebrities is a pathetic attempt to knock someone down to make yourself feel higher.

You may think you're clever. You're not. Those who ARE in the know put you in the same category as say, a car mechanic who is arguing with a brain surgeon that he knows more than him. To put it quite simply: You are a complete moron engaged in slander and defamation and could very well find yourself on the bad end of a lawsuit someday. If these words I say offend you then great. Watch your cursed mouth, pick your hate up, and take a hike out of my Kingdom. Plain and simple. I don't want stupid ignorant fools in my circle spewing verbal vomit from The Tree of Death. That's not my Tree. I don't hang around with 'Satan.'

For those with open minds who learned something from this page then great. You're welcome. Life is an awesome experience and The Spirit has many surprises in store for you. I wish you all the best in this life and the next.


The following DOES contain quite a lot of "mumbo-jumbo." However, it also attempts to safely navigate the realms of said mumbo jumbo so that you do not get lost. I am reminded of an old saying - "Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater!" The video is long. The video requires patience. The information is narrated by a Freemason.

The TRUTH Signature Line TM and the MAAT Amplifier line copyright 2000-2017 by Ken D. Webber; All Rights Reserved.

"Above all things get Knowledge (DAATH), Wisdom (CHOKMAH), and Understanding (BINAH)."