Paranormal Strangeness is launching this year
on KICKSTARTER! Sept. 28 - Oct. 28

I do not tour. I do not perform live. No one knows who I am. So I'm giving you a reason to care. All of the Art and Music is complete and stored on multiple hard drives awaiting funds for mastering and to put all of it into production. In the last week of September through much of October, the following ESP/Remote Viewing Experiment goes live and is open to every person on the globe.


Official CD CoverPARANORMAL STRANGENESS.  This is my debut CD release and what would it be - given its title - without a touch of paranormal fun?  This is not a contest.  It's a paranormal experiment open to the entire world.  I have a secret photo. Every day at 3:33 p.m. - I shall don my RED DEATH MASK and stare and concentrate on the secret photo for five minutes and send this image out to the world. This secret photo has never been made public and is not on this or any other page on the Internet.  Every person who is aware of the experiment (both believers AND skeptics) is encouraged to mentally tune in to my mental broadcast, pick up the image, sketch it out on paper, then using hashtag #Paranormal post your sketch to Twitter. At the project's end I will reveal the secret photo to anyone who supported this project and the whole world shall see who among us has succeeded at the paranormal skill of remote viewing.  


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You will find the STORY of Paranormal Strangeness here

Here is the BIOGRAPHY of Kenneth David Bryon Webber

Our TWITTER CAMPAIGN for those who want to help spread the word.


Every life is made of connections. These people are my favorite connections and their faces are going on my CD!

my top supporters

LEFT TO RIGHT, Top Row: Sean Beebe, my brother-in-law Mark Dalton, Savanna Scarborough, Jessica 6 from Neck Illusions, Marco Solo from Neck Illusions, Jason Carr, Jessica Long Waters, Regina and Mike Webber (my sister-in-law and brother), my half brother John Deal, Madhat Kat. 2nd Row: Mona and Coy Beaman, Brian Mahoney, Robin Mahoney, Jonny McDonald, my sister Angela Cox Dalton, Carolyn Angelini, my niece Latanya Candace Whitfield, Raymond Lyons, Wilfredo and Meghan Andujar (my niece), Robert Summers. 3rd Row: My Dad Richard Cox!, my sister-in-law Vonceil Isetts, Erin M. Black, James Norris, My Mom Nina H. Webber, my niece Cynthia Gray and her son Cordae, my nephew Thomas Chaves, Lacroix Scott, Brian Taniguchi, Randy and Regina Busboom (my cousin). 4th Row: my sister Melissa Cox Roth, Pale JorDGE Decay (Mr. G Ynesta), Scott Bishop, Bill Arnott, Jennifer Batten, Joseph Keeler, Karen Whitworth, Morgan Ary, Wayne Buchanan, my sister Mary Webber and aunt Patricia McKnight. 5th Row: J from J's Tacos and Guitars Youtube channel, Jim Bennett, LaKendrick Washington, Joel Arzate, Jeni-Leigh Murray, Hector Escalante, Chris Bales, my nieces Kaitlyn Dalton and Sarah Dalton, my nephew Christopher Whitfield, and Rick Abney! Thank you one and all for everything you've given over the years!


Kickstarter page

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We are compiling a list of both believers and skeptics that have a sizeable audience/crowd on Instagram/Youtube/Twitter/Facebook and who are agreeing to participate in our ESP/Remote Viewing Experiment ahead of time. I am looking for 20-30 brave souls who will participate in the experiment when it launches and post their results in a short Video on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram. When we launch I will post the links of our Sponsors on our Kickstarter Page. So the bigger this project gets, the bigger the pool of cross-publicity. And of course, you'll also get a free download of the CD when it is released.


PRESS Articles and Mentions

02/02/2018 --- Got a shout out today from J's Tacos and Guitars concerning my custom design work.

02/05/2018 --- I got a mention in this article by Caroline Paone for Guitar Girl Magazine on behalf of the graphic design work I did for Neck Illusions and the Jennifer Batten Signature Series.


The list of KICK-ASS Companies
I've chosen for the campaign!

Ableton Live - Software

Uline - Shipping Supplies

Discmakers - CD's and USB Sticks

Custom Ink - T-shirts

Clayton Custom Guitar Picks

Custom Stix - Drumsticks

Metal prints from Aspen Creek

Custom Stickers

Custom Neck Illusion fretboard decals

Custom Skateboards

My Custom RED DEATH Latex Mask

Large movie poster sized posters


My Custom Deck of Cards - Bicycle

and Death Wish Coffee


Plague of Smiles Logos

Download Plague of Smiles' logos, right click and
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A Diary of Progress

9/02/2018 --- With only three weeks to go my studio is in disarray. It's an old house and the carpet in my studio is old and horrible but was still usable. And then I did a bad thing. I ate the last pickle in a huge 1/2 gallon jar of garlic pickles and then held the jar up to take a drink of the juice. In slow motion horror it slipped from my hands as I tried frantically to grab it from the air. SPLASH! Garlic pickle juice all over me and then all over the carpet. You can't recover from that! So I grabbed an exacto knife and cut out the wet carpet. To date, I've ripped out most of the carpet and stripped half of the room of the old linoleum that was beneath that. To replace the old horror I am going with high quality commercial grade 1/8" of an inch thick black VCT tile from Armstrong. ONLY THREE WEEKS UNTIL LAUNCH. Hopefully I will have the music studio back in order by the time I launch on September 28th! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/10/2018 --- Masks look fantastic!

5/16/2018 --- The Red Death Cornuti Latex Masks are currently in production with Scott Blake of Yordreem Productions. When those are done then I will create the official KICKSTARTER Video.

6/4/2018 --- Completed another t-shirt design, a round sticker design with a backprint, and ordered 1,000 glow-in-the-dark custom guitar picks. Also on order is a test sample for a custom set of Paranormal Strangeness drumsticks through two different companies so I can see who is better. The script for the video is written and awaiting the masks.

6/9/2018 --- The custom drumstix arrived today. THEY ARE FAST! The quality is exceptional. However, my 1st design doesn't cut the mustard! Having the pair in my hands I see that I need to adjust for the darker colors, move things from a vertical to a horizontal design, design for the tiny overlap, and simplify details. I redesigned the drumsticks and sent off the order for the 2nd prototype. I believe this 2nd design is the one, so we'll wait and see. It is only ready for the public when it is 100% Awesome. Also, Scott from Yordreems Productions sent me an email that he's now in production on the latex masks!

6/10/2018 --- Boy HOWDY do I have some news...

6/12/2018 --- If you didn't know, I have acromegaly, which is a form of gigantism caused by a brain tumor. People with acromegaly have abnormally HUGE hands and hearts (cardiomegaly). So tonight I worked up a lifesize diecut sticker (with a backprint) of one of my favorite symbols; the "Hand, Heart, and Eye" symbol. This symbol is the motto of The Savannah College of Art and Design, which I attended briefly in the early nineties. The large sticker is 8" X 8" inches in size and so will cost more than your average sticker. $1,600.00 for a run of a 1,000 stickers but I do believe it is a necessary investment. It's something cool I can add to my orders. People will be able to use the sticker and then pass the backprint off to a friend or keep it around as reference.

6/19/2018 --- All the art, graphic design, merch, and music are done and archived on seperate hard drives. I await the latex masks in order to make the video. Scott did inform me today though that he has moved from the modeling phase into pouring the molds. Until I have the masks I am going to continue work on the 2nd CD ahead of its time.

6/27/2018 --- Spent today doing household chores and dipping my toe into the realm of LICENSING. Scott Blake sent me the most psychotic picture yet of the masks.



"The BEST way to kick adversity squarely in the face is to spread a smile!"