The Story Behind
Paranormal Strangeness

My debut CD is "Paranormal Strangeness" and I named it that because I've actually had several paranormal experiences in my life. I Official CD Coverdetail some, but not all, of them here. If you are the media/blogger/press then this is my life and I welcome you to it. If you have any questions feel free to ask At the very least, you'll probably find my story fascinating! Press photos to be posted sometime before we launch.

I am Ken D. Webber, 51 years young, an artist and a musician who has survived the Marine Corps (honorable discharge), homelessness, acromegaly/cardiomegaly, and a heart attack. If you know your Robert Greene and his Laws of Power then you would call me, "The Serpent with Long Memory." I am very astute when it comes to things which are hidden; occulted from the eyes of the ignorant and uninitiated masses, thank you Pythagoras and Aristotle. I am not entirely well as acromegaly has left me a bit disabled. I cannot tour. I cannot perform live (who could with the sausage fingers I have!). I stay close to my doctors and I have a bit of a schizoid (loner) nature, which works to my advantage in the realms of art and music. The following clues tell more of my story.

1. As a child I loved horror movies and would beg my parents to stay up late on Saturday night and watch Creature Feature, two horror movies shown back to back. While watching The Creature from the Black Lagoon I fell asleep. I woke up screaming that skull faces with big black eyes were coming for me from the tv. My step-dad gave me a spanking and sent me to bed. The incident by itself is of no importance. Combined with others however...

2. I was about eight years old. We were visiting our relatives in Dallas. All the adults were waiting for a friend of my Uncle Ken's to arrive. From the adult conversations that I listened to I got that this guest was a Freemason and a hypnotist. All the children were sent to bed early. I remember being really tired but my brother and my cousin had agreed to stay awake and spy on the adults. They could move a panel in the wall and it would slide aside so that they could peek through the panel, through a shelf to see the kitchen below. I remember fighting for hours and hours and hours with alien beings for my life. I awoke in a pool of sweat. My sleeping bag was soaked and... I was completely naked which was impossible because I had been wearing a one piece set of footsie pajamas. I would have woken up had someone tried to remove them. Everyone else was asleep which I thought was weird because the television from downstairs was on HIGH VOLUME. Butt ass naked I tip toed downstairs and slipped past the kitchen into a back room that was filled with antiques. I made my way to the hallway and it was freezing cold. I looked to my left and the front door was open and there was about a foot of snow that had fallen into the hallway as the front door was wide open. I had to get across the hallway and into the back bedrooms where the suitcases were located to get new pajamas. To my right however was the living room where all the adults were. The television was up to its maximum volume. I took a quick peek, could not believe what I was seeing. All the adults were sitting bolt upright with their eyes closed and their hands on their knees oblivious to the fact that the television was on full blast. I ran across the hallway, got to the back bedrooms, found a new pair of pajamas, put them on, and then heard the adults complaining about the loud tv and the cold. I could hear my aunt Elsie comment in amazement about the huge pile of snow in the hallway. I came back down the hallway and slipped past her as she dealt with the snow and made it back up to the attic room. I waited until morning and then I searched that entire room. No pajamas. I then went downstairs and searched the laundry room. No pajamas. I never found that pair of pajamas.

The next day I asked all the adults what had happened the night before. EVERY SINGLE ADULT gave me the same canned response, "I don't know Ken, why are you asking all these questions, why don't you go outside and play." I then asked my brother Mike and he said, "I don't know Ken, why are you asking all these questions, why don't we go outside and play." I asked my cousin Nathan and he gave me the exact same answer as my brother. So I stopped asking questions.

Years later I asked my sister Mary what happened and she said she and the other children were terrified. She said that she remembers all the children were up in the attic and could hear adults whispering and giggling but no adults were seen in the room and then she said toys began floating in the air by themselves! I later learned that there is a hypnotic exercise called "The Invisible Girl" wherein a hypnotist will hypnotize a person and make themselves appear to be invisible to the person in the trance. So I believe we were all hypnotized and that something bad happened and the hypnotist put everyone in a trance and left the house. No one in the family to this day has ever commented on what really happened. They can't. Our memories are GONE!

my sister, my dad, and me

3. I have always been a sleepwalker and I've had extreme night terrors. The first time I fell asleep sitting up was with my Grandpa. We were driving somewhere in his truck and on the way there I fell asleep sitting up with my eyes open. I remember bouncing around in the truck and I could move my feet but that was it. Everything else was paralyzed. The incident lasted about ten minutes and then I woke up.

I grew up, joined the Marines, re-enlisted for another three years, and then finally got out and enrolled in The Savannah College of Art and Design. Unbeknownst to me, I was harboring a brain tumor (acromegaly) that began growing and slowly putting pressure on my brain.

Savannah, GA and nearby Beaufort, SC both hold large populations of people who are interested in voodoo and secret societies. So I began to poke around in those areas. During my Marine Corps years... NOTHING. Not a single paranormal incident. Nothing happened until I got out (and the brain tumor began growing) and moved to Savannah, GA.

4. I was working the night shift at Walmart. I got off work and was extremely tired but I had to absolutely do my laundry so I packed my duffel bag with clothes, got on my bike, and pedaled over to the laundromat. I put my clothes in the washing machine and settled down in a chair to watch Oprah. This was before flat screens had been invented. As I was watching Oprah I struggled to stay awake. And it happened again. I fell asleep, sitting up, with my eyes wide open. The exact second I fell asleep my consciousness shifted and I became paralyzed. It had happened so many times in the past that I knew what was going on. While awake your aminergic/cholinergic system floods the brain with serotonin. When you go to sleep it switches and floods the brain with acetylcholine, which is supposed to paralyze the body so that you cannot get up and act out your dream and harm yourself. So anyway, I'm sitting there watching Oprah when I suddenly fall asleep with my eyes open. The VERY SECOND I fell asleep I was paralyzed and I noticed the television. Oprah was gone. In it's place was static but IN THE STATIC I saw alien beings! They had skull faces with big black eyes and looked exactly like the alien you see on Whitley Strieber's book "Communion." Their hands resembled the hands of the praying mantis and they did have a sort of bug-like look to them. They were observing the people in the laundromat and following their movements and actions. They could obviously see us but none of the people in the laundromat could see them. I watched those black eyed assholes for about ten minutes and suddenly I could move again and I was back to being wide awake. The VERY SECOND I could move and was awake... BAM... Oprah Winfrey was back on the tv!

When you're awake your mind is at the 7 hertz frequency range and higher. When you go to sleep your mind drops down to somewhere between 2-4 hertz and that's when you "see" and "hear" things that take place on the dream frequency. I have never fallen asleep in front of a flat screen tv so I have no idea if the aliens can use those televisions like the electron gun ones. Your guess is as good as mine. But... when I encounter one of the older electron gun tvs... I will frequently go up to the screen, look into it, and flip off whoever may be looking through to our frequency range.

I now know what had me so scared all those years ago while watching The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

5. I was living in a remodeled apartment that had been restored by Jim Williams himself. I did not know it but my apartment was directly across the street and behind the house in Savannah that is one of the most haunted dwellings in America (the Hampton Lillibridge House at 507 East Saint Julian Street). One night I woke up and couldn't sleep so I went into the living room, which looked down upon one of the historic squares. I lived at 513 East Congress Street on the top floor. Looking down into the square I saw a ball forming on the grass about the size of a cantaloupe. This ball was a black inky mass that began growing. It got to be huge, about the size of a person and I began wondering if maybe some sort of fire had developed in a gas line or something. Was it dangerous? Should I get out of the area? Suddenly, a woman dressed in historic clothing with a parasol, all in a beautiful crimson color with lace, stepped out of the black inky cloud. She looked around, saw me watching, gave me a smile and a salute, and walked quickly out of the square and down the street. The black inky cloud began swirling and shrinking. It shrank into nothingness and disappeared. The woman was not transparent like a ghost. She had been dense and as real as real can get. I was so freaked out I couldn't go back to sleep for hours and hours. It was as if someone from another time had stepped out of their time and into our time.

The next day I went out to the square in the daylight and searched the grounds for a trap door or something. Nothing! The grass was solid and undamaged.

the headless homeless

Apparently, orange soda is a favorite among the Headless Homeless in Savannah! Yes, I am pretty good with photoshop. :)

NOTE *. Years later, near the time I left Savannah, I managed to piss off a local secret society and those people are very creative in their use of burundanga. They got me good. I used to do things in a routine. My Saturday routine was always to go to the mall and on the way back stop in at a Subway sandwich shop and get a foot long. One day I went in and there were new people working there, that I thought I had also seen working at Walmart. Shortly after eating I began feeling horribly strange and realized that I had been poisoned. I made it back to my apartment and some time after that I awoke naked in the shower and heard a group of people in my room. I chased them out and they ran down the stairs and out the front door laughing. For a few days after that I encountered MANY, MANY hallucinations and realized very quickly that they had drugged my food. I threw away all my open food containers and the hallucinations stopped immediately.

If you don't know what burundanga is, it is a drug that robs you of the ability to create memories. From the time it is in your system your brain cannot form memories but... YOU are conscious and extremely open to suggestion. The drug is a favorite among criminals and voodoo groups, called a "Zombie" drug. Typically, the voodoo master will walk up to a person with the powder in a gloved hand. They blow it in your face and wait for it to take effect. But, they can also just dump it in your food. It's very dangerous because it's used at high doses to affect memory and those high doses sometimes kill the victim. Once it is in your system they come back and ask you questions like, "what's your PIN number? Where are your car keys? Where do you keep your money? etc." The person affected wakes up sometime later and is completely missing all their time. That time and all the memories are completely gone, stolen by an easily-made insidious scopolamine derivitive! As I said, it's a drug that's extremely popular and well known with voodoo groups and secret societies, however it is also the primary go-to drug for organizations such as the C.I.A. Go figure.

So while this is NOT an example of the paranormal, it is an example of things that most people are completely UNAWARE of. Most people are sadly, "Eyes Wide Shut."

6. As the brain tumor grew I began to "see" and "hear" things from the dream world that others can not see or hear. I saw dream people - and were some of those people "ghosts?" Possibly. I didn't ask them. The aminergic/cholinergic system in the brain is very delicate. It is my belief that some people are sleepwalking through life and are floating in and out of states of mind that normal people cannot get to because that chemical switch is not malfunctioning in their brain. I believe this is the basis for schizophrenics. Their brains are being flooded with a strange mix of dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin that should not occur. When YOU wake up your brain is flooded with serotonin and you cease to see or hear the "dream people" or "ghosts." But I can sometimes still see them... even when the "ghosts" are standing there... whispering little "hypnotic nothings" into your ear that you can't hear with your conscious skeptical closed-mind. Think about the implications of what I am saying to you.

I have since had brain surgery and gamma knife surgery to remove the gumball sized brain tumor and that has cut my ability to "see" and "hear" the other side by about 90%. I do not hold to the common "belief" that the dream world originates from a person's mind. On the contrary, my experience tells me that the spirit world is quite real and exists on a narrow frequency band and that YOU tune into that band when asleep, like a television that is picking up a certain frequency in the "static."

brain tumor found on my MRI

7. July 5th, 2011 --- I was on my way to Dallas to visit my Grandma who was celebrating her 101st birthday. On the highway I found myself behind a pickup truck loaded with metal lawn furniture. I drove behind this guy for a few minutes. Then I got a VERY SUDDEN urge along with a strong internal voice in my head to move out of that lane. The very second I moved into the other lane - the VERY SECOND - a metal couch from the truck broke loose and went flying down the road flipping end over end like a football in the grass at 70 something miles per hour. Had I been in that lane I would have been hit and possibly killed.

My Dad and his dog8. I went to visit my Dad, Richard Cox, in Virginia. While there, I was sitting with him and my brother Mike and all three of us noticed that Dad's small dog, Gizmo, had jumped over to the corner of the room, where nothing was, and began shaking his head like he was staring at something. Gizmo began to bark and all three of us suddenly heard a voice talk to the little dog out of the very air. No one was there. The dog barked in reply. We thought that was extremely weird but stranger still, when we compared stories we discovered that all of us had heard the voice say something different. I heard quite clearly, "Well look at you!" My brother heard the voice say something else and my Dad heard the voice say something other than what me or Mike heard. Then Mike pointed into the kitchen and asked Dad if he had rats. Dad asked why and Mike said that the kitchen doors were opening on their own. We turned and looked and then the open kitchen cabinet doors closed on their own. Then Dad's bedroom door opened like someone walked through the door... and then closed on its own. Well that was no rat! Dad said it had happened before. Later that night, Mike said that someone grabbed his leg while he was sleeping and when he turned to see who it was, no one was there!

Me and Mike both agree that the "ghost" was most likely our Grandma Cox, who died before we could meet her.

9. When I moved into the house I'm currently living in I moved in with my Mother who, truth be told, is bat-shit certifiably crazy. She's narcissistic. She's manic depressive. In the past, she's been very suicidal. That aside, when we moved into this house her crazy took "cray cray" to a whole new level. I eventually had to call the cops on her and had her taken away to the doctors to see what was wrong with her. Turns out she had a bowel infection combined with diverticulitis and her poop was toxic to the point that she was out of her freakin' mind. She would go on these yelling rants, screaming biblical sounding things out at all times of the day and night. While Mom was in the hospital having surgery my brother came over and on a whim decided to check out the empty abandoned house that is right next door. There's a story brewing here.

The house beside mine was abandoned and the story that we got was that the owner's daughter had died and left her mother all alone. The mother went insane and was taken away to a state mental hospital for treatment and died while in the hospital. The house of madness has been abandoned since, just as it was left, and is completely overgrown. What Stephen King fans would call "a bit of slippage." Anyone can walk into the place but the fleas will tear you to pieces they're so bad! People in the area don't seem to see the house. Between the fleas and its haunted reputation it keeps squatters away and I'm grateful for that.

So my brother goes over and returns amazed at all the insanity and completely sure that our Mother was in fact, possessed. It turns out that over in the abandoned house, littered all over the place, are words scribbled on paper. The exact same words my Mother had been screaming for weeks on end! I myself, on a clear Halloween night, went over and filmed it with my friend Erin. (Any day I have an excuse to wear my custom "Red Death" "Cornuti" mask is probably a good day!) That turned into a song that became the title track, Paranormal Strangeness. I saw it with my own eyes. All those pieces of paper with the exact same words written on them. I do not know if the urban legend about the house is true or something made up. All I know is my experience.


Mom came back all fixed up but the family decided she'd be a better fit with my sister Mary, who lives two streets over. So Mom moved in with her and is getting along very well. No more screaming fits. Me and her get along great now and I go over a few times a week to visit with her. We watch The Walking Dead, the Talking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead together when they're on tv. The ghost(s) next door don't bother me. I always like a good horror show.

10. Aside from seeing and hearing "ghosts" (I tend to see them more than hear them now) I have had fewer and fewer experiences with the paranormal realm as the brain tumor problem dies out (thank you gamma knife!). Sometimes I will see things in dreams that we don't have yet, like new technology, months or years before it exists. Long before touch screens and ipads I had dreams of people using touch pad scrolls. It looked like a plastic/paper scroll but the "newspaper" was a touch screen that did all that a computer ipad can do. Perhaps it's what comes after the ipad, some sort of light weight plasma screen you can roll up and put in your backpack.

That's pretty much all I have to say right now. Do I believe in a spirit world and ghosts? Absolutely. Do I believe in aliens and UFO's? That to me is possible but currently unproven. Do I believe in remote viewing/E.S.P.? Well that is what we are doing with this whole Kickstarter project! I am using my debut CD as a tool to bring awareness and a bigger story to people. We are experimenting in the realms of paranormal strangeness and seeing what pops up. Maybe we'll get some good results? I'm thinking that the more people that are aware of the experiment and participate, the closer we will come to finding someone who can actually hit the target. It's going to be very exciting to see what people come up with and post to Twitter!

(hashtag #Paranormal)

I believe that I am on this planet for a reason. I am an artist and a musician and unfortunately, a mortal. This is part of what I call my "bucket list." I've brought my gifts to you for your entertainment but I am also quite serious (sometimes to the point that some find me a pretentious asshole) about being a success. Do I want to sell a bazillion CD's? Absolutely. I want to succeed in my Art and my Music AND in my message, which is... I am a BELIEVER and I hope that you are as well. Thank you for your time, feel free to share this with your friends, and by all means participate in our little experiment, especially if you are a skeptic.

Think about that! What would a skeptic do if they participated in our E.S.P. experiment and actually hit the target? How would that person react?

They'd shit their pants. Oh yeah.


UPDATE EXTRA: I read Red. Red is Sammy Hagar's autobiography in which he describes aliens downloading information into his head. The EXACT same thing happened to me but I did not include it in my top ten Paranormal experiences because I do not believe it was paranormal nor aliens. My belief is that it is the US government expanding their current mind control program running through the USAF, CIA, and NSA. Many times I get music or art through dreams but I refuse to use any of it because that would feel like stealing from Spirit. I create my music and art as an original work.



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