What It's Like to Live Ken's Life

My name is Ken D. Webber. I am not one for complaining but I do need to clear the air. I recently got into a long drawn out Twitter tirade in an attempt to explain WHAT happened to me and WHY the government is paying my medical bills. A liberal Democrat called me a "moocher" and told me to "get off the gravy train!" From that, I decided I should write the story down so I don't have to keep retyping it over and over. I can simply send people to this page and let them experience what I have experienced.

PREFACE: Ok... on March 3, 1991 taxi cab driver Rodney King was pulled out of his car and criminally and ruthlessly tasered and beaten by members of the L.A. Police Department, which was captured on video by a stranger. He suffered greatly with several broken bones and fractures. Mr. King sued and won his case. Two of the four officers were acquitted and two went to prison. The jury awarded Mr. King $3.8 million dollars and $1.7 million dollars in attorney fees. Did Mr. King deserve it?

Yes, absolutely - EVERY SINGLE CENT! I'm sure most reasonable Republicans and Democrats would agree with me.

When a person, a business, a corporation, or a government acts criminally then the law says that they must pay for the damage they have done. There is ZERO excuse for criminal behavior! And the people that have been injured are not "moochers" nor are they riding a "gravy train."

I want you to keep the above case in mind as I get into my case. In my case I want you to look over the list of damages and ask yourself this question - "IF the Devil were to offer you the following damages and life to live in exchange for $$$ money, then WHAT amount would you accept as fair compensation?"

Here is a list of what the Devil (a fictional metaphor people, not real) is going to offer to YOU:

  • He will start on you with extreme pressure in your head and headaches
  • It will progress to hallucinations and voices in your head making it difficult to think
  • Your good sleep is now replaced with nightmares and night terrors
  • The sleep you do have... is interrupted by sleep apnea. That means you stop breathing when you go to sleep.
  • You will lose your sex drive and libido entirely
  • The opposite sex will find you repulsive because you're giving off the wrong hormones and no pheromones
  • Without the above two items you will never marry, find a partner, and never have children. Very little love for YOU!
  • Your hands and feet will grow ridiculously large and develop carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Your face and skull will deform and you'll develop an ugly underbite and an unattractive appearance
  • You can expect massive dental problems
  • You're going to gain about 100 extra pounds in weight gain and an ugly barrel chest
  • Hello type II Diabetes!
  • Get ready to suffer massive arthritis in all your key joints as your cartilage breaks down to bone grinding on bone
  • Say WELCOME to chronic pain 24/7
  • Enjoy extreme tiredness as all your energy and muscle strength magically disapper! Oh joy!
  • Say hello to extreme acne, excessive sweating, increased body odor, and massive body hair growth. FANTASTIC!
  • You will lose range of motion in your limbs and develop brittle bones resulting in frequent stress fractures and more pain
  • The Devil is going to jack up all your hormones and brain chemistry resulting in MASSIVE mood changes and raging anger
  • Say goodbye to friends because by this point no one wants to be around you
  • With all of the above you can kiss any real job goodbye, you're no longer competitive with people your own age
  • With all the above you are going to experience the HATE of all society as you become - HOMELESS! Yeah!!!
  • BONUS SUFFERING: The Devil is going to throw in cardiomegaly which also results in...
  • A HEART ATTACK at a young age and installation of a pacemaker! Now your heart beats at only 30% efficiency

Alrighty... it's time to make a deal! Are you READY to deal with The Devil? Grab some pen and paper because you're going to write a number down. Rodney King's suffering was temporary and fleeting. The above is for the rest of your life AND... it's chronic, meaning it gets worse over time, never better. Look the above list over, bullet point by bullet point, and write down how much money you would want for each bullet point. Be fair and honest to yourself! Now add it all up and scroll below this nifty little picture of a brain tumor to continue.

brain tumor found on my MRI

Before we get into numbers, a short lesson in recent history. From the early 1950's a pattern developed at USMC bases at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point N.C., a pattern of criminality that continued into the late 1980's. The base was illegally dumping HAZMAT. Instead of properly disposing it they were loading it into barrels and burying it and taking it upstream and dumping it in the river. Unfortunately, those barrels rusted and leaked into the ground water and both the ground water and the river fed back into the base water supply. The government knew this, knew what would happen, and did it anyway in an attempt to cut costs. Over time, hundreds of thousands of Marines and civilians living and working on the base were exposed to horrendous levels of toxicity as they bathed in and drank the contaminated water supply. This resulted in a massive increase in deaths due to cancer, DNA disorders, and tumors. The VA began seeing the spike in their data and realized that all the Marines being seen had at one time been at this USMC base. So they tested the water and the shit hit the fan!

You can read more about this EVIL on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Lejeune_water_contamination

I live with the above, which is acromegaly/cardiomegaly created by the presence of a brain tumor. I spent many weeks stationed at Camp Lejeune in the 80's. I am a survivor. Many of my friends that I worked with in the Marines are dead. Although I am a survivor, despite brain surgery and gamma knife, the condition is CHRONIC. The condition worsens over time and there is not much that can be done. I no longer have a functioning pituitary gland and live only by taking artificial replacement hormones.

When a government willfully injures and poisons its own citizens and the data is seen and proven then that government owes the people whose lives they have criminally damaged - resulting in cases being won and payouts awarded. I spent five years battling the VA and finally won my case. I am 100% unemployable and draw 100% compensation each and every month (currently about $2900 each month). They agreed to backdate my payout five years prior to the time that I filed the claim ($72,000.00). All of my medical expenses are fully paid for.

I invested the bulk of my award into forming Plague of Smiles LLC and created an art/music studio in 2013. Today is 7/26/2017 and to date I have received not one single dollar in profit from my efforts. Not one! It's hard enough to be successful in today's music business - without acromegaly. But I keep trying and attempting to adapt as I can. I hold out hope that I will perhaps enjoy some success in art and music if I persevere and find a business model that works for me. But don't take that from me, read more about that topic HERE.

At this point I want you to pull out that final tally of what YOU would expect to be compensated for. What dollar amount have you written down that YOU considered to be FAIR? Looking at the dollar amount that I have been compensated for I want you to answer this question, "Are you seeing fair numbers in my case?" In other words, how do you feel "The Devil" (the US Government in this metaphor) has treated people in the above situation?

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Perhaps in the future we can keep "The Devil" on a path of FAIRNESS?!

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